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May 9

​​Will iPad Pro Help Boost Apple Tablet Sales?

​​iPhone 7 concept features a home button built into the screen

​​Apple Pays Shareholders $0.52 a Share Record quarterly dividend on May 14

​​Apple Gearing Up To Take On Google's Search Engine

​​Oppenheimer Reaffirms “Hold” Rating for Apple

​​Want To Buy Apple Stock? Read This First

​​Apple Inc.'s 30 Year Bond Issue: Good Value, Not Great Value

​​Amazon and Apple: Two Approaches To Capital Investment

​​Apple Takes March US Smartphone Market Share From Samsung

Apple Stock Could See Massive Movements As Carl Icahn’s Report Pends

​​​​​May 8

​​Apple Inc. shares approach ex-dividend as it gears up to distribute $2.7 billion to shareholders

​​Kantar Worldpanel Confirms Apple’s Phabulous First Quarter

​​Now, even the Apple Watch is an enterprise product

​​Apple Car: This Chart Shows Something Big Is In The Works

​​Worst-case scenario from Irish tax changes could reduce Apple's annual earnings by 10%

​​Apple Inc. Growth Engine May Be Europe, Not China

​​iPhone slightly increases lead as most popular smartphone in US – comScore

​​Apple Inc. Rumored Car Welcomed By Tesla Motors Inc CEO

​​comScore Ranks Apple as the Top U.S. Smartphone OEM

​​Ericsson escalates their war with Apple and Files Suits in Germany, the UK and Netherlands

​​New iPhone 7 concept has a home button integrated into its display

​​Here's Why Apple Is Weak Since Earnings

​​Elon Musk Hopes That Apple Inc. Gets Into The Car Market

​​Apple Takes March US Smartphone Market Share From Samsung

​​Apple: Guess Who Owns $1.1 Billion Of This Stock

​​Apple Inc. Is Already Dominating The Smart Watch Market, New Data Shows

Significant R&D Increase Suggests Apple Is Working On Something Big

​​​May 7

​​Apple's iPhone Continues To Lose Market Share Month To Month

​​Smartphone giant Xiaomi to open first Apple Store-like retail outlet in Hong Kong

​​Guess Who Owns $1.1 Billion In Apple Stock

​​US phablet market soars

​​Apple Issues Bonds Because It’s Better Than Repatriating Cash

​​Apple Pay is heading to Las Vegas — but you can't use it to gamble yet

​​Could Apple become its own cellular carrier?

​​The myth that 'Apple doesn't care about market share' has just been totally destoyed

​​Apple Watch Analysis shows Gross Margins Will Exceed 50% Eventually

​​Apple Inc. Could Lose $19 Billion On EU-Ireland Tax Probe

​​iPhone 6 Plus leads soaring phablet demand

​​iPhone 6S Rumors: Everything We Know So Far About Apple Inc.'s Next Smartphone

​​A third of new iPhone users in Europe are switching from Android

​​3 Reasons Apple Will Finally Ship A 12-Inch iPad In 2015

​​Apple is attempting to drum up iPad sales with a new ad campaign saying the tablet 'changes everything'

Did Apple Watch Speed Up The Death Of iPod

​​​​May 6

​​China’s More Important to Apple Inc. Than You Might Think

​​iPhone marketshare surges for Apple in Europe, China during March quarter

​​Apple Stock Slipping Amid U.S. Antitrust Probe

​​Apple’s R&D spending is going through the roof, which suggests something big is coming

​​Report: Phablet market quadrupled in Q1 with iPhone 6 Plus grabbing 44% of the market

​​Apple loses $53.2B as it piles up more debt

​​Consumer Reports Tests Apple Watch for Readability, Water Resistance, Fitness Tracking and More

​​Yeah, the Apple Watch Scratches—All Stainless Steel Watches Do

​​Android Switchers Drive iOS Growth in Europe's Big Five

​​Apple gearing up for sale of seven-part bond to fund share buybacks and dividends

​​Apple Option Traders Bet On a Quick Bounce

​​Apple Inc: Tim Cook Admits That the iPhone 6 Plus and Mac Are Hurting iPad Sales

​​Here’s What Would Be New In Apple TV In June

​​Apple may be under FTC investigation for Beats deals

Apple Gets General Electric Support For Home Automation

​​​​May 5

​​Apple Inc to unveil TV remote with touchpad at WWDC: report

​​Apple Pay adds 24 new banks and credit unions including some Simple Bank customers

​​Apple Watch worth the cost despite app imperfections

​​The real reason Apple screwed up the Apple Watch launch

​​Apple reportedly working on a new Apple TV remote with a touchpad

​​Why Apple Won't Have A $1 Trillion Market Capitalization Any Time Soon

​​Apple is bringing a major redesign to one of its forgotten products

​​EU to delay decisions on tax deals with multinationals

​​Warning Signs: Cracks In The Foundation

​​Apple Held 12% Smartphone Market Share In China This Quarter: DigiTimes

​​Why Apple wants to end the era of free music streaming

​​A Big Bite Of The Apple? A Look At The Corporate Debt Market

Apple: We May See 3 New iPhones In September

​​​​May 4

​​Apple Inc. Sued For Alleged 7 Counts Of Patent Infringement

​​Apple iPad, Tablets' Best Growth Years Are History

​​Apple pushing music labels to kill free Spotify streaming ahead of Beats relaunch

​​Apple Held 12% Smartphone Market Share In China This Quarter: DigiTimes

​​Inventors of Medical Apps Sue Apple over HealthKit and Health App

​​Apple Inc. 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Could Be A Game Changer

​​Apple is on the verge of being China’s number one smartphone maker

​​Three Reasons Apple Should Acquire IBM

​​Apple Pay the 'Killer App' for Apple Watch, Jefferies Says

​​Apple Inc. iPad Pro: New Details Revealed

​​Carl Icahn: Every 50 Years we get a Company like Apple

​​Apple Watch and potential skin irritation

​​Apple Rating Reiterated by Bank of America

​​Apple Looks Toward Middle East For Retail Store Expansion

Apple is Projected to Launch An All New Larger iPad with 12.9 inch Display

​​​May 3

​​Apple Watch: Is It High-Margin or Not?

​​The Apple Watch Sport Only Costs $83.70 To Make

​​An Apple cash spinoff would be the 17th biggest S&P company

​​Apple And Samsung Threatened By Xiaomi

​​Reasons Apple's Shares Fell Post Its Earnings Results

​​Icahn calls Apple a rare 50-year success

​​iPhone 7 release date: specs to borrow Apple Watch new technology?

​​Carl Icahn Talks Activism, Early Life, Apple, Hedging And More [VIDEO]

​​Apple Watch bumps delivery date to July for new orders

​​This could be a defining year for the iPad

​​Analyst: Interest in the Apple Watch is 'lackluster'

​​Apple: Here's Why The Stock Will Take Out $140 Before The End Of May

​​Apple Makes More Money From Chinese iPhone Sales Than The Entire Recorded Music Industry Did In 2014

​​Apple Botched Watch Debut, Says UBS, But ‘Just the First Inning’

​​Apple Watch costs 4-times to buy what it costs to make

​​Should you buy the Apple Watch?

​​What would it take to take Apple private?

​​3 Things Tim Cook Wants You To Know About Apple Watch

Apple Inc. Confirms Heart Rate Sensors Will Not Work On Tattooed Wrists

​​​​May 2

​​Don't Get Too Excited Over Apple's Higher Gross Margins

​​Apple Watch Causes Skin Irritation, Allergic Reactions for Some Users

​​Apple Inc. Targets Middle East For New Retail Locations

​​The Apple Inc. Watch Costs Around $81.20 To Make

​​The trouble with Apple Watch’s fitness tracker

​​Apple On China Roll With Court Win, Sales Milestone

​​Shipping dates for 42MM Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport slip to July worldwide

​​Apple Inc's iPhone Growth Story Continues

​​IBM Partnership with Apple Inc. Is Yielding Real Results

​​Apple iPhone Market Share Surges in China, as Smaller Vendors Dominate

​​China Mobile Is A Game Changer For Apple

Apple Inc. Watch Teardown: More Profit Margin Than iPhone

​​​​May 1

​​Apple's Product Cannibalization Means Cook Might Eat His Own Words

​​How Long Will It Take Apple To Overcome The Earnings Slump?

​​The Apple Watch costs less than $84 to make

​​Apple and Samsung Are Friendly Again, and the Competition Should Be Terrified

​​New teardown reveals just how incredible the Apple Watch’s S1 chip really is

​​Why the Apple Watch may be a huge cash cow

​​AAPL: Q1 Earnings Lead Us to Keep Rooting for Apple

​​Apple's margins set to fall, warns tech specialist

​​There is 'lackluster interest' in the Apple Watch, says UBS

​​Why Apple Inc. Is Going To Make A Killing On Apple Watch

​​Apple: the world's leading momentum play

​​Here's Why Apple's Huge Cash Pile Is Now One Of Its Biggest Problems

Apple Inc. To Soon Overtake Xiaomi As Top Smartphone Vendor In China

​​​​April 30

​​Apple Watch Hardware Components Estimated to Cost Just $81.20

​​Is The Apple Watch Really A Breakthrough User Interface?

​​Apple's Chinese market share may affect security judgment

​​Apple spending on research and development swells again to $1.9 billion

​​A Chinese manufacturer is being blamed for delaying the Apple Watch

​​The Ongoing Case For Apple's 'Moderate' Dividend Growth

​​Apple may have to pay Ireland 10 years of back taxes

​​Apple Watch Is Already Attracting E-Commerce Players

​​Apple Eating Into Samsung Market Share In China, Driven By Its New iPhones

​​Apple Inc. Is Squandering Its Cash On Shareholders- Trip Chowdhry

​​No recall planned for Apple Watches over haptic motors and no defective units shipped

Opinion: 750 billion reasons to sell Apple now

​​​​April 29

​​Apple Said to Have Found Defect in Watch Part, WSJ Reports

​​Apple Stock Falls in After-Hours Trading on Report of Faulty Watch Components

​​Apple Watch in Short Supply Due to Taptic Engine Bottlenecks

​​Faulty taptic engine slows Apple Watch roll out

​​Apple says EU probe of Irish tax policy could be 'material'

​​The iPhone is about to surpass the iPad as Apple’s fastest-selling product

​​Apple warns of ‘material’ financial damage from European tax probe

​​A source just told us why Apple may be making a stylus — and why it could be huge

​​Global Equities Research Calls for the Removal of Apple's CFO

​​Tim Cook said this word 5 times on Apple's earnings call last night — here's why it's so important

​​3 reasons it’s not too late to be bullish on Apple

​​Chart of the day: Apple pulls away from Samsung Mobile

​​$125 or $185? What Apple stock is worth

​​Apple Results Stir Animal Spirits Of Bulls And Bears

​​Why Apple, Inc.'s Future Is Incredibly Bright

​​5 reasons Apple Inc shares will go higher: Citigroup

Apple Inc. Q2: Here’s How The Analysts Are Responding [Update]

​​​​April 28

​​The iPhone is a juggernaut that can’t stopped

​​China Helps Give Apple Its Shine

​​Data show Apple shares move in predictable patterns

​​Why Apple's Dividend Increase Is A Disappointment

​​Apple Largest Market To be China Rather Than The US By 2016

​​Icahn says Apple still undervalued

​​Apple CEO Tim Cook on why he’s still optimistic about the iPad despite significant decline in sales

​​Icahn: Apple is still undervalued, misunderstood; expect in-depth report in 2 weeks

​​Time for Apple Stock to Take a Breather, Nomura Says

China finally overtakes U.S. in iPhone sales, Chinese revenue up 71%

​​This is the core question for Apple: Analyst

Must Read:​
​​A few numbers from Apple’s earnings

​​Deep Dive Into Apple's Better Than Expected Capital Return Program

​​Apple Watch likely to launch in more countries come June

​​Apple reveals Q2 beat, ups share buyback

​​$194B! Apple's cash pile hits record

Apple didn't top its record profit, but business continues to roar



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