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Daily Chart - SAMPLE of iTrendicator of Apple Shares
Apple Shares Price - Left Scale - Red Line
iTrendicator of Apple Shares - Right Scale - Blue Line​​

( See chart below )
iTrendicator of Apple Shares

​​Built from seven Technical Indicators based on Volume, Trend, Volatility and Money Flows, this Indicator of Apple Shares gives us the possibility to observe mainly the main divergences that may occur...

The best example of that​​ is what happened between October 7 to October 16 2014: a new low in Price not confirmed by the iTrendicator.

Some may use it as a near reversal indicator ( near reversal or top ) because that  iTrendicator will tell us that oversold conditions exist when this indicator is below 3 and in overbought conditions when over 7.​​

This iTrendicator is available ONLY with ​​the iPackages.
Daily Technicals - Daily iTrendicator  $AAPL ​​​#aapl