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E-Mini SP500 Futures Technicals - Daily Trendicator
​December 31 ( From TradingView  )

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SMBDH Trendicator of E-Mini SP500 Futures

​​SMBDH ( Stock Market Breath Depth and Health ) Trendicator is a Custom Index built from Daily Atypical ​​and Crucial Technical Indicators (7) of the U.S. Stock Markets.

Some may use it as a near reversal indicator ( near reversal or top ) because that Trendicator will tell us that oversold conditions exist when this indicator is below 3 and in overbought conditions when over 7.​​

This Trendicator is available ONLY with ​​the SMBDH Trendicator Package
Daily Chart - SAMPLE of Trendicator of E-Mini SP500 Futures 
E-Mini SP500 Price - Left Scale - Red Line
iTrendicator of Apple Shares - Right Scale - Blue Line

.( See chart below )