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E-Mini SP500 Futures COT: Small Speculators Add Tremendously to their Long Positions ?
​September 8  ( From ​David Stendahl, Barchart )

E-Mini SP500 Futures COT: Small Speculators Add Tremendously to their Long Positions ?  $SPY, $SPX, $ES_F

​Small speculators were the longest ever on the E-Mini Futures Contract 
​on the week of March 16 with 389.9k contracts as ​shown by ​the chart
​below ( Ellipses ). Before that, the last peak was in June 2012. For the
​week of August 24, Small Speculators did add 200.3k contracts in the
past two weeks​, one of ​the biggest rise in term of bi-weekly posisitions 
and one of the longest position ​of the past 5 years..

​The big difference between March and October 2014 high long positions
for Small Speculators ( previous peaks ) ​compare to now, is that ​back
​then, we had a huge correction in prices a few months before and
​a lot more orderly: not this time!

​​​​​​​​And Seasonals for SP500 are for a bullish trade til the 3rd week ​of ​September.  ( See second chart below )​​​

​​But the most interesting technical pattern here is that we broke a Major Support Trendline​​ that started back on November 2012  as shown by the chart below. Small Speculatores does not seems to have noticed that...



​​And Seasonals for SP500 are for a bullish trade til the third week of September as shown by the chart below.