APPLE Technicals Behavior - Big Picture  ? 
 April 19 ( From TradingView )
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April 19: The Big Picture Revisited  ?

We started a Consolidation Process since the week of February 23rd.

I decided to take a look at the Big Picture in terms of Price Levels taking as proxy
Fibonacci Levels Extension based on a weekly chart.​​​
​How to Calculate Fibonacci Extensions

So taking the previous high peak level reached on the week of February 2015 at $133.60 and the previous bottom reached on the week of January 5 2015 at $104.63, I found those Fibonacci Extension Levels:

Fibonacci Extension % Price

​​​23.6 $111.49 ​​​
38.2 $115.71
50.0 $119.19
61.8 $122.54
76.4 $126.77
100  $133.60

See also the chart below.
I expect a Dead Cat Bounce Monday probably getting between the 20 DMA ( Day Moving Average ) then at $125.73 to MAX the 50 DMA then at $126.21 but thereafter, the Seasonals will continue to prevail and a slow bleed for next week as stated on my Weekly Research: