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E-Mini SP500 Futures COT:  Longest Position Ever ?
​September 16 ( From ​ Barchart )

E-Mini SP500 Futures COT: Longest Position Ever ? $SPY  #Trading #Seasonalities #SP500 #cot

​The Situation

​​Small speculators reached last week the Longest Position ever on the
​E-Mini SP500 Futures with 426.1k contracts. The previous high in terms
​of position was on the week of March 16 2015 with 389.9k contracts as ​
​shown by ​the chart below ( Blue Line -Ellipses ). And before that, the last
​peak was ​in March 10 2014 week with 328.1k contracts. ​It is the first​
​peak done ​in September, the others mostly in March.

​The big difference between March 2014 and  2015 compare to now,
​back then, we had a huge correction in prices a few months before
​AND we were still above that Major Support Trendline that started
​back in December 2011: not this time!

Also the meeting on September 16/17 by the FED could add tremendous volatility to the market as they prepare to do their first hike...​​

​​​​​​And Seasonals for SP500 of the past five years are for a bullish trade til the 18th of September. 
( See second chart below )​​​



​​Daily Chart - Seasonalities - Daily Performance in % of SP500 Index - Average of the past 5 years
September 1st pegged at 100

.( See chart below )
E-Mini SP500 Futures COT
Small Speculators ( Blue Line )​
Past 5 Years​