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ETF s Volume Adv/Decl: Cratering ​?
 August 20  ​( From TradingView  )
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​ETF s volume account now for more than 15% of total volume on the stock
​exchanges. It now influence tremendously the market ​making​ new highs or
​new lows....

​​ONE chart below is worth a look where we will show the ratio of the ​ETFs Advance
​Volume compare to the ETF s Declining Volume ​to the Mighty SP500
​(  Bottom Panel of the Chart )...

And since August 5, that ratio started weakening ( 7 DMA ),
​indicating ​less participation from ETFs (  Retail Participants ) and
​reached on August 19 the Oversold Zone.​ ( Blue Line - Chart Below )​

​One very interesting factor is that the ETF s Volume Adv/Del confirmed the previous top from the Mighty SP500 Index done on July 17 2015. ( Vertical Green Trendline - Chart Below )​

But the most interesting technical factor is that the ​ETFs Advance/ Decline​ Volume is within the oversold level as we are near a Major Support Trendline from a Rising Wedge on the SP500 Index and at the 200 DMA.
​​​​ ( Chart Below - Red Trendline )

tatisticCode" src="Scripts/stats-tracking.js">
ETFs Advance Volume
​ETF s Declining Volume

​( Moving Average 7 days ( Blue Line ))
and SP500 Index​ ( Bottom Panel = Candles )
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