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FANG Stocks Overview
October 04 2016 ​( From TradingView  )
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The FANG Stocks (FB, AMZN' NFLX, GOOGL) have been extremely popular
within the investment community​. It is belonging to that new technology
sector a la mode and did perform quite well compare to the broad market
indices like the SP500 Index.

Let s have a quick technical analysis overlook at the daily (left charts) and
​weekly (right charts) for those four ​​​​​stocks.

​1) Facebook (FB):
- On a daily basis, Facebook shares broke the Rising Wedge Technical Pattern on September 23 and into a Downtrend Channel (See First Chart below - Left)​ 
- On a Weekly basis, still within a steep Rising Wedge that stared back since March 2014 on Facebook shares.
(See Second Chart Below - Right - Blue Trendlines)​​ Observe the weakening trading volume (bottom blue area)

2) Amazon (AMZN):
- On a Daily basis, we did broke a Rising Wedge on September 27 and still into a Daily Uptrend Channel.
(See Third Chart Below - Left)​​​​
- On a Weekly basis, we did break last week the Resistance of a Huge Rising Wedge Technical Pattern that started back since January 2014, quite atypical and rare technical observation. Bulls need to protect the Trendline at all costs. (See Fourth Chart Below - Right - Blue Trendlines)​​

3) Netflix (NFLX):
- On a Daily basis, Netflix shares broke a double top (September 6 and 19) Technical Pattern and back strongly above the 200 DMA (Day Moving Average) ( See Fifth Chart Below - Left - Green Line)​
- On a Weekly Basis, Netflix shares are now testing a tiny Rising Wedge Resistance and near breakout.
(See Sixth Chart Below - Right - Top Blue Trendline)​​

4) Google - Alphabet ( GOOGL):
- On a Daily basis, broke a Rising Wedge Technical Pattern on September 29 and well into a Daily Downtrend Channel.​​​ The only stock within the FANG who tested the 50 DMA on the downside ( Day Moving Average).
(See Seventh Chart Below - Left - Red Line)​
- On a Weekly basis,​ Alphabet broke the Support Trendline after failing to breakout on the September 19 week.
(See Eight Chart Below - Right - Blue Trendline).​

As investors poured a lot of money into those FANG stocks, they have been well rewarded​​ in term of performance.

​Going forward and looking at the charts, on a daily basis, Netflix and Amazon look stronger than Facebook or Alphabet.

On a Weekly basis, Amazon is in breakout mode, Netflix trying a breakout, Facebook still within its Rising Wedge but Alphabet looks shaky.​​

I am just wondering how well they will perform going forward when the market will see the first real correction.​​

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Google - Alphabet
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Google - Alphabet 
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