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US GOLD Futures (GC) - Near my Weekly Support Trendline ?
​August 4 ( From Barchart, David Stendahll  )
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COT ( Commitment of Traders ) - Large Speculators

​​As we can observe on the graph below, Large speculators had one of the smallest position in Gold of the past 5 years at the end of 2013.  They started buying back in June 2014 as shown by the chart below ( Green line )
The Situation

​​​Large and Small Speculators decreased their long position from the past week ​by ​10.6k contracts for a total ​of 148.9 contracts.

And til August 15, seasonality for Gold are for a range trade. ​​
​(See second chart below)

Observe the falling weekly wedge pattern that started on​​ October 2012. We did break the resistance trendline on the week of June 23 at 1316.7 ( closed at 1320 for the Q14 contract then ). ​​That trendline becomes support for the week of August 4 with 1286.6 as the level to watch.

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And August 15, seasonality for Gold are fror a range trade as you can see in the chart below.
US GOLD Futures (GC) - Near my Weekly Support Trendline ?  $MACRO, $STUDY, $GLD, $GC_F