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Signs of Market Capitulation ?
​September 29 ( From Barchart, TradingView , CNN Money , AAII )
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The Situation


​I will show you taking different data and charts that we see Signs of
​a Short Term Capitulation in Financial Markets.

But make no mistake – it will be a consolidation wave or another
​minor dead cat bounce before the last wave down in October...

1) Fear - Greed Index from CNN Money are at the Extreme Fear Level
Currently at 12.


2) The AAII investor sentiment survey shows 32.1% bulls and
​28.7% bears and 39.2% neutral.

"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."

-Sun Tzu, the Art of War

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iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF ( EEM )
​( Weekly Candles / Right Scale )

E-Mini SP500 Futures COT
Small Speculators ( Blue Line )​
Past 3 Years​
3) E-Mini SP500 Futures: ( See chart below )

​a) One of the Biggest drop in Long Posisitions from Small Speculators of the past three years
b) Stronger Volume​​ since we broke that Major Support Trendline that started ​back in November 2012
c) Futures Open Interest on the E-Mini SP500 Futures dropped significantly​
4) Strongest Sectors becomes the Underperformers:

The Sectors that were the strongest at the beginning of 2015 are showing into that correction tremendous weaknesses on strong volume, a sign of capitulation indeed.​

a) ​​The Healthcare Sector (XLV ETF)
b)​ The Biotech Sector (IBB ETF)
c) The​ Internet Stocks (FDN ETF)
d) The Financial Sector (XLF ETF)​
e) Small Capitalization ( Russell 2000)​

5) Weakest Sectors becomes the Outperformers:

The Sectors that were the weakest at the beginning of 2015 are showing into that correction tremendous strenght on strong volume, a sign of capitulation indeed.​

a) ​​The Consumer Staples Sector (XLP ETF)
​b) SP500 Utilities Sector ( XLU )​
c) NYSE Gold Mines Index (GDM)

6) And finally, Emerging Stocks have been destroyed as shown by the weekly chart below.​​​