APPLE Technicals - Monthly Weekly Daily Fibonacci Levels  $AAPL ​​​#aapl
 Dec 31 ​( From TradingView  )


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APPLE Technicals - Monthly Weekly Levels

​​​APPLE Technicals - Daily Levels




​​Monthly Chart - Trendline

The next Fibonacci support line is at xxx.xx
​From the uptrend channel: next support trendline is at xxx.xx and the next resistance trendline at xxx.xx
The next Fibonacci resistance Level is  xxx.xx
​( see the chart above )​
Daily Fibonacci Level and Daily Moving Average (DMA)

6 levels to watch for today as shown by the chart below​​

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Weekly Support

Weekly Resistance

Daily Resistance


Daily Moving Average (DMA)

​ 20     xxx.xx
 50     xxx.xx
200     ​​xxx.xx

Weekly Chart - Fibonacci Retracement

The Fibonacci retracement support/resistance since April 2014 ( from a low of $73.05 and a high of $119.75 ) are at for today:
.( See chart below )
Daily Support

Live Weekly Candle Chart: ​​Works Best with Google Chrome
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Apple: Dec 19 Total Trading Daily Profits 1.44/sh, Weekly Profits of 14.81/sh