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The Healthcare Sector : Still Outperforming SP500 ?
August 5​( From TradingView  )
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​​​​The Situation

​The Healthcare Sector ETF ( XLV ) is within a main uptrend channel that ​
​started ​on June 22 with 74.64 support and 77.87 as resistance.
​Closing price on August 4 was 76.49.
( See first chart below ).

​​The XLV ETF broke on the upside on July 28 the 50 DMA ( Day Moving ​Average )
​then at 75.32 and broke the resitance trendline.
( See first chart below - Ellipse - Red Trendline - Ellipse ).

​The Healthcare Sector ETF ( XLV ) started to outperform compare to the
​Mighty SP500 since April 30. ​( See second chart below -  Channel  )...

​​And on May 26, the 20 DMA (Day Moving Average) turned upward on ​this ratio
​( XLV over SPX ), indicating an outperformance since then of ​the XLV ETF ​over the SP500 Index.​​ That ratio reached a new high ever on August 4 2015.​

​​But the most interesting technical factor, is that since July, ​​the Healthcare Sector ETF ( XLV ) main outperformance is when the Mighty SP500 is within a correction phase. Also observe that we are at the resistance level of the uptrend channel that started back in February 2014 on that ratio. ​​
​​( see second chart below )...

​ ​

The Healthcare Sector : Still Outperforming SP500 ?  $SPY, $XLV  #xlv #Investing #SP500
​Healthcare Sector ETF XLV
over SP500 Index
( Blue Line )
20 DMA ( Amber Line )​

Healthcare Sector ETF XLV
Daily Candles​
​20 DMA ( Yellow Line )​
50 DMA ( Red Line )​​