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Nasdaq 100 vs SP100 Ratio: Near Bubble Zone ?
​February 3 ( From TradingView )
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​The Situation

​Financial assets like the SP 100 had a very good performance indeed,
​but few of us realize ​the strong outperformance of the Nasadq 100
​since the end of 2008 as shown by the Monthly chart below. 

That ratio ( Nasdaq 100 over SP100 ) is evolving since the end of 2008
​within a monthly uptrend channel.

But the real interesting part is that this ratio Tested since August
2015 ​the Major Resistance Level from a Trendline that started since
​February 2000 and was rejected. Looking at the big picture, we can see
​that we reached the Bubble Zone Territory of the year 2000...
​( See chart below - Red Trendline - Ellipses ).

Also take note that we almost get to the 0.764 Fibonacci Level on that ratio.

The market still favor the technology stocks over the broad stock market indices. As history repeat itself, we must acknowledge that getting over that Resistance Trendline is getting into a Bubble Game and we must be aware of that when investing...


Nasdaq 100 vs SP100 Ratio: Near Bubble Zone ?   $SPY  #Trading #nasdaq #SP500
Monthly RATIO
( Candles )​
Nasdaq 100