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The Oil / Gold Ratio and SP500: A Bearish Mix ?
August 8 ​( From Stockcharts  )
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The Situation

​​In these uncertain times, it is interesting to look the behavior of the Oil ( in our study, the WTI ) and the Gold in relation to the Mighty SP500.

That ratio measure between the real economy and fear​​ factor...
That ratio was at level on June 17 not reached since July 2013, the highest of ​the past 3 years. A bearish mix since July 25.

​​​As shown by the chart below, this ratio tells that the economy commodity ( oil ) compare to the fear factor ( gold ) is turning risk off slightly since the 7 DMA turned south th on July 25 2014 ​as shown
​by the chart below...

Observe the break down on the support trendline for the Mighty SP500​​.

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The Oil / Gold Ratio and SP500: A Bearish Mix ?  $SPY, $SPX, $ES_F, $OIL, $USO, $GLD, $GC_F

Oil : WTI  over Gold
( Dots - Top Panel )
7 DMA ( Blue Line​ )
​​SP500 Index ( Bottom Panel )