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COT ( Commitment of Traders )

​​As we can observe on the graph below, Small speculators started adding to their long position of the SP500 since mi-July 
blue line )  and Large Speculators decreasing their short positions ( green line )

​​And as we can see on the graph below, the Seasonals are turning bearish for the SP500 til the third week of May...

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​​Yesterday I wrote: To change that bullish phase for today, we will need a
​daily close below 2002.5, unless the bullish phase will continue.
We did closed at 1998.75; so the tiny correction phase have begun...​

Also last on September 3rd, ​we did closed below the resistance trendline
​(then at 2000.5) ​that started ​on July 3 ( see amber line - charts below ) -
​now at 2001 ( then becomes resistance ).

But the most interesting factor, technically speaking, is that we had
on September 3rd a Shooting Star Candle Pattern on SP500 Futures.
​​​( See first chart below - ellipse ).

​​We are not anymore into a steep  uptrend channel that started on August 28 ( overlap ) but still into a second one with 1991 support and 2008 as ​resistance for today.

​​Market is still in that major grind since ​August 8 but in the process of reversal.

Bulls will notice the cross between the 20 and 50 DMA ( Day Moving Average ) on September 2 and will give them even more conviction into that market.

To change that tiny correction phase for today, we will need a daily close above 2008 ( then back to a bullish mode ).

Expect Volatility to increase into the ​next few sessions.​​

We have to take into account that seasonals ​are for a range pattern til September 5 before resuming another bull wave.

Then today I expect a range from 1991 to 2001.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​My Focus will still be on the Financials and the VIX.

​​​​​​​​Three factors brang my attention:

1) Seasonals: SP500 Seasonality Trend : Range Trading Pattern ?
2) That Tech Indicator is Scary: NASDAQ McClellan Indicator and SP500: Overbought Zone ?
3) Market Full Speed Ahead: High Beta / Low Beta ETFs : Still Risk On ?

​​Back to the technical levels now.       
​We are in a tiny correction mode ( since September 3rd ).

We are not anymore into  an uptrend channel that started on August 28 with 2007 ​as ​support and ​2018.5 as resistance.​​ We have also a second channel that started on August 26 with 1991 support and 2008 as ​resistance for today.​Also, we have to take into account a support trendline that started on July 3 at 2001 ( Amber Line - Charts below ).

​We need to stay below 2008 for that scenario to unfold. That 2008 level will make all the difference IF broken or not. A test and breaking out that level will cancel the tiny correction mode and will be seen as technical strenght.

​​​​IF 2002.5​ break down on a daily close ( it did on September 3 rd ) ,​ then expect a tiny correction ; then 1987.5 MAX 1981.5 for now.

​​​​​​IF 2008 break up on a daily close then back to a bullish mode; then 2018  MAX 2022 as targets for now.

​​​​​​​​​​Adding the 50 DMA at 1962.5 is clearly indicating the levels not to break for bulls.

Already starting to trade below the 1962.5​ level will mean to me technical weakness and Bears are starting to take control of the market.​​

​​​​​​​​Another Factor to keep in Mind is that seasonals ​are for a range pattern til September 5 before resuming into another bull wave. See 5th chart below.
​​​The market should trade today between ​​1991 and 2001.
​Expect volatility picking up.


And Small Speculators started to cut to their long positions last week as shown by the chart below....
​SP500 E-Mini Futures Daily U4 - My Shooting Star ?   - PREMIUM USERS
​September 4 ( From Barchart, David Stendahl, TradingView )
SP500 E-Mini Futures Daily U4 - My Shooting Star ?  $SPY, $SPX, $ES_F #Trading #Emini #Futures #ES_F #SP500