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SP500: Ratio % Stocks Above 50/200 DMA: Near Resistance Trendline ?
​August 6 ( From Tradeview )
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​​​​The Situation

​We observed that the Ratio of the Percentage of Stocks of the Mighty SP500 Index
​Above the 50 day moving average over the 200 day moving average is on a rise
​with a new high in price for the SP500 since mid-October 2014 as you may see
​in the chart below... 

​​But since reaching a peak on November 21 2014 on the ratio, observe the huge
​divergence that started since then; a new ​high for SP500 at the end of December
​and thereafter ​at the end of February ​but not for the 7 DMA of that ratio;

​A new high on SP500 on May 20 2015 compare to the previous
​high on February 25 2015 and the one before on did not bring that
​ratio near the previous highs of November 28, reflecting a huge
​divergence and weaker technical market. That changed on July 14.
( see red trendlines and ellipses - top and middle of the chart below ).

​​The 7 DMA ( Day Moving Average ) on that Ratio Turned to a
​Bullish Stance on August 3.
( see red line -ellipses on the chart below ).

But what is interesting indeed is that this ratio tested and broke on July 14 the Resistance Trendline​​ that started on November 21 and broke that negative divegence we had since November 2014. It did retest that Trendline ( now becomes Support Trendline ) on July 25 and rebounded to get almost to the next resistance trendline ( Top Amber Line ) that is critical for Bulls to break for another upwave impulse.

​​The Mighty SP500 Index is within a Rising Wedge Technical Pattern. It did not reach yet a Major Trendline on a Rising Wedge since the Break Out on the Ratio. ​
​We must follow that carefully... Strenghtening Technicals to me still...
( Ratio Major Resistance Trendline: see red trendline - ellipses on the chart below. SP500 Wedge - see blue Trendlines ).

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SP500: Ratio % Stocks Above 50/200 DMA: Near Resistance Trendline ?  $SPY   #Trading #Investing #SP500
SP500 Index​​ Candles
​SP500 % Stocks Above the 50 day moving average over the 200 day moving average ( Blue Line )
7 DMA of the RATIO ( Red Line )​