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 SP500 Seasonalities
SP500 Index Seasonalities: November Roller Coaster ?
​November 3 ( From TradingView, Stockcharts, Investopedia  )

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SP500 Index Seasonalities: November Roller Coaster ?    $SPY, $SPX,   #Trading #Seasonalities #SP500 #spy
Daily Chart - Seasonalities - Daily Performance in % of SP500 Index - Average of the past 5 years
November 1st pegged at 100

.( See chart below )

Monthly Chart - Seasonalities - Monthly Performance in % of SP500 Index - Average of the past 5 years

.( See chart below )
The Situation

​​November Market Seasonals (SP500)

​​The Month of November is also very special in terms of Seasonalities
​as the whole ​Market is more Choppy than usual: From a peak on
​November 5th, slow bleed and ​resume ​uptrend usually around
​November 17 almost til month end.​ The Trade Pattern is to finally to
​have a close above the beginning of the ​month ​for the Mighty SP500
​​Index. So a good Technical Pattern it is for the month of ​November after that last down ​wave around the 17th... See the first chart below.

​​This move is generally compounded because seasoned traders know about ​this seasonal movement and also sell positions and even short the market ​to take advantage of this at times, especially this year with the SP500 near the high ever...

Most of the November down move is done by the 17th of the month according to the average of the past 5 years.( See first chart below ).​​​

As written by Cory Mitchell: ​​Seasonality is a tool to be used in conjunction with other technical signals; it typically isn't used as a trade signal on its own. It does help isolate times that may be more favorable for buying or selling though.

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