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SP500: Ratio % Stocks Above 200 DMA: Too Bullish?
​July 15 2016 ( From Tradeview )
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​​​​The Situation

​We observed that the Ratio of the Percentage of Stocks of the
​Mighty SP500 Index ​Above the 200 day moving average is on a rise
since June 27 ​​with a new high in price ever for the SP500.

But few of us realize that the the post-Brexit panic was in fact an
​opportunityfor portfolio managers to rebalance at the end of
​month/quarter from cash ​and bonds to stocks. Also,the relative
​flight to quality and liquidity was in strong favor of US Equities​​
​and shows how resilient the Mighty SP500 Index is.

The performance of the SP500 index since June 27 is +8.16%
and looks like after the Technical Breakout of July 8 2016
the Stampede of Calgary as Buyers rushed and pushed the
​marketon an Overbought Stance on a short term basis.​​​​

Also interesting to note​​ the Fear and Greed Index from CNN Money
​as of July 14 is now at the Extreme Greed Level of 90.