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SP500: High Beta - Low Beta ETFs: Risk Taking Lowest since May 2013 ?
September 30 ( From  TradeView, CNN Money )
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​​The Situation

​​The market participants never gave attention to that divergence that
​started from May 8 2015 between Risk Taking behavior (weakening) and
​the ​Mighty ​SP500 Index that was holding in a rising wedge pattern til it
​broke finally on the downside on August 20.​
​​​​​​​​( See chart below - Bottom Panel - Red Trendline ).

​​The divergence is even more obvious on a weekly chart. And we broke
​onthe July 20 week, the support trendline that was back from June 2012. ​
​​​​​​​​​( See second chart below - Top Panel - Blue Trendline ).

​​​​The market reached on September 16 2015 a full risk off status ​according ​to ​the ​ETFs ​High/Low Beta Ratio ​when the 7 DMA (Day Moving Average) ​finally turned down back then... 
( See chart below - Vertical Trendlines and Ellipses ).

The level of risk taking now according to that ratio is at the zone ​reached ​at the beginning of May 2013 with no rebounding in sight. ​​​​( See chart below - Top Panel Amber Trend Line - Ellipses ).

​​​Also interesting to note​​ the Fear and Greed Index from CNN Money is bottoming out​ but as of September 29 is still at the Extreme Fear Level.

​​​​​The SP500 Index (SPX) broke on August 20 a Rising Wedge Pattern. that started since December 16 2014.
​​​​ ( See chart below - Bottom Panel - Red Trendline ).

But the most interesting technical pattern here is that we are at the Support Trendline​​ that started back on October 15 2014. The battle ground for the SP500 Index is now between that Support Trendline and the old Trendline form the Broken Rising Wedge that becomes resistance.​​​​​​​ ( See chart below - Bottom Panel - Blue Trendline ).

SP500: High Beta - Low Beta ETFs: Risk Taking Lowest since May 2013 ?      $SPY    #Trading #risk #investing  #SP500
High Beta - Low Beta ETFs​ ( Blue Line - Top Panel )
7 DMA ( Grey Line )​
SP500 ( Candles - Bottom Panel )​

Weekly RATIO
High Beta - Low Beta ETFs​ ( Bar - Top Panel )
​SP500 ( Candles - Bottom Panel )​