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SP500: High/Low Beta ETFs: Risk Taking Behavior Highest since April 2013?
March 3 2016 ( From  TradeView, CNN Money )
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​​The Situation

​​​The market participants never gave attention to that divergence that
​started from January 20 2016 til February 11 between Risk Taking
​behavior (weakening) and ​the ​Mighty ​SP500 Index that was holding
​in a double bottom pattern. ​​​​​​​​( See chart below - Bottom Panel - Blue Trendline ).

​​The divergence is even more obvious on a weekly chart. And we reached
​on the February 8 week, the support trendline of a downtrend channel
​that started back since ​May 2015. ​​​​​​​​​​( See second chart below - Top Panel - Downtrend channel ).

​​​​The market reached on February 17 2016 a full risk On status ​according
​​to ​the ​ETFs ​High/Low Beta Ratio ​when the 7 DMA (Day Moving Average) ​finally turned upward... 
​ ​​
( See chart below - Top Panel - Blue Line).

The level of risk taking now according to that ratio is back at the zone ​reached ​at the beginning of April 2013.
​ ​​​​( See chart below - Top Panel Amber Trend Line - Ellipses ).

​​​Also interesting to note​​ the Fear and Greed Index from CNN Money is coming from Extreme Fear and as of January 6 is now at the Greed Level.

But the most interesting technical pattern here is that we continue to have a Lower Risk Pattern Behavior on a Weekly Chart as we are still into that downtrend channel.
​( See second chart below - Top Panel - Channel ).

​​High/Low Beta ETFs ratio on a short term basis are near the daily resistance trendline form a downward channel  ​​​​​that started since August 20 2015; .a dead cat bounce it is for now...

​ ( See chart below - Top Panel - Channel ).
SP500: High/Low Beta ETFs: Risk Taking Behavior Highest since April 2013?     $SPY    #Trading #risk #spy  #SP500
High Beta - Low Beta ETFs​ ( Blue Line - Top Panel )
7 DMA ( Grey Line )​
SP500 ( Candles - Bottom Panel )​

Weekly RATIO
High Beta - Low Beta ETFs​ ( Bar - Top Panel )
​SP500 ( Candles - Bottom Panel )​