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SP500 and the Yen: A Warning Sign?
April 7 2016  ​( From TradingView, CNN, Blommberg  )
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​​The Situation

In these greedy times (interesting to note​​ the Fear and Greed Index
​from CNN Money is coming from Extreme Fear in mid-February 2016
​to the Extreme Greed Level now at 77). It is interesting to look the
​behavior of ​the ​YEN
(first chart below - top panel - candles) ​in ​relation to
​the Mighty SP500 ​
(first chart below -bottom panel -bar chart).

Following the YEN can gives us a clue about the next trend in the
​Mighty SP500...​​​​​ Interesting to note that in both cases (Yen and
​SP500), both highs made almost a few weeks apart (May 20 2105 for
​the ​SP500 Index at 2134 and June 5 2015 for the Yen at 125.85.

But few of us realize that the Yen broke a Monthly Uptrend Channel
that started back in October 2012. All that when the BOJ (Bank of
​Japan) announced their new negative rates policy on January 29 2016. 

​(See first chart below - Downtrend Channel)​

​​The Mighty SP500 broke already its Monthly Uptrend Channel​​, ​earlier than the Yen but in a Major Divergence lately as Yen broke down and SP500 Index near the resistance trendline of a channel. (See first chart below)​

But the most interesting technical factor is that ​the Yen broke on April 6 2016 below the previous breakout zone (October 31 2014) (See Second Chart Below - Top Panel - Red Trendline); usually that kind of situation bring more volatility to US financial assets and a risk eventually of a correction like December 2014, August 2015 and January 2016... (See Second Chart Below - Top Panel - Lower Grey Trendline)

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YEN (USDJPY - Candles - Top Panel )
Correlation between Yen and SP500 Index ( Blue Area - Second Panel )
​SP500 Index ( Bars - Third Panel )
Nikkei 225 Index ( Bars - Fourth Panel )

​YEN (USDJPY - Candles - Top Panel )
SP500 Index ( Bars - Bottom Panel )