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US Treasury Bond TLT ETF: Critical Week? 
​February 16 2017  ( From Tradingview,  )
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​​US ​Financial ​​assets like the US Treasury Bond ​had a very ​bad
​​performance ​indeed since it reached the Ultimate Peak in Price on
July 6 2016​. The US Bond Market was already in correction mode
when the Trumpification of Markets pushed bond prices into the abyss...​​

​​​​​​But few realize that the TLT ETF (iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF)
technicals are getting weaker though since the US Election.

After breaking on November 9 2016 the Support Trendline of a Daily Falling
​Wedge that started back since July 8 2016, date which we had the
​technical breakout on SPY ETF and the Ultime Peak Price on TLT ETF,
​the Bond Market Tumbled in price. 
(See First Chart Below - Blue Trendlines)
We are now into a Consolidation Phase but testing the Support Side of a more recent Wedge so critical for Bulls to hold on a shorter term basis. ​(See First Chart Below - Red Line)

​​​​​Looking especially at a Weekly chart on the TLT ETF ​(iShares
20+ Year Treasury ​Bond ​ETF), ​​​​we can observe that we broke on on the week of June 6 2016 a Major Resistance Trendline that started ​back ​since the week of January 26 2015​ which was the ​previous big peak in price ​at 138.50 ​o​n TLT ETF.
(See Second Chart below - Middle Thick Red Trendline)

After that, we had ​​​​
the failed break out on the July 4 2016 week (See Second Chart Below - Red Trendline - Ellipse),
​we​ finally broke violently 
​on October 3 2016 week the support trendline of a huge Rising Wedge that started back since the week of ​​August 24 2015.  ​(See Second Chart Below - Blue Trendlines)

On November 7 2016 week, it did break a Major Support Trendline on the TLT ETF from a Rising Wedge.
(See Second Chart Below - Grey Trendline)

But few of us realize that we did finally break out a Weekly Downtrend Channel that started back since September 26 2016 week and since then (December 12 2016 week) into a rising channel. Observe that we are still far from the Major Support Trendline that started back since February 2011.
​(See Second Chart Below - Bottom Yellow Trendline)

​​​​​​​​We will have to monitor carefully in the next few trading sessions as we complete this week sequence:
​as we can say, the TLT ETF is definitively at Technical Crossroads.

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WEEKLY Chart (Candles)
 TLT ETF (​ iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF )

Volume ( Bottom Blue Area )​
DAILY Chart (Candles)
 TLT ETF (​ iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF )
​20 DMA ( Yellow Line )
​50 DMA ( Red Line )​
200 DMA ( Green Line )​

Volume ( Bottom Blue Area )​