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US 10 Year Treasury Note Futures (ZN): Large Spec Shortest Ever?
​Jan 16 2017 (From ​TradingView, Barchart)

Weekly Candle Chart
US 10 Year Treasury Note Futures Price

Weekly Rising Wedge Pattern Broken on November 14 2016 week  at 127.02+
Weekly 61.8% Fibonacci at 123.10 and 50% Fibonacci Level at 119.18 act as Major Support Zone (from 2007-2017)

Dailly Candle Chart
US 10 Year Treasury Note Futures Price

​Consolidation Phase as long
​as within the Red Trendlines
​122.14+ Support and
125-04+ as Resistance​

​​Daily Uptrend Channel with
​124.09 Support and
​125.29 as Resistance

Daily 0%Fibonacci at 122.07 
​23.6%Fibonacci at 125.01+
​(from 2013-2017)

Day Moving Average (DMA):​
20 DMA at 123.29+ and 50 DMA at 125.06+
Bulls Challenge is to close above the 50 DMA...​

Market Speculative Positions - COT
US 10 Year Treasury Note Futures Price
Large Speculators ( Green Line - chart above ) called the trend on the US Ten Year Futures; most of the time they were short over 200k contracts, we had a rally in the US bond market...
US 10 Year Treasury Note Futures Price (top panel)
Seasonality (bottom panel)​
Seasonals are turning bullish from end of December til the end of January and only start a real correction phase after the fisrt week of February for the US Treasury Ten Year Note as shown by the chart above...

SP500 ETF SPY (top panel)​
Stock Trendicator (bottom panel)​

My Custom Indicator (Trendicator-bottom panel) on the SP500 ETF SPY (top panel)​  peaked on December 8 2016 and is still on the expensive side...
Large Speculators' net bearish bets on U.S.10-year Treasury note futures (ZNH17) reached another record high ever with 394,689 contracts on January 10 2017, according to the CFTC's latest Commitments of Traders data. As the US Bond Market try to consolidate at those levels (See Charts Below), history suggest it could surprise us with a short covering phase before resuming downtrend (See Third Chart Below).