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VIX: Higher Volatility Ahead?
 July 12 2016 ​( From TradingView , CNN)
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The Situation

​​​In these neutral times (good to know that​​ the Fear and Greed Index
​from CNN Money is coming from Fear Zone two weeks ago ​to the  
Extreme Greed Level now at 83).
It is interesting to look the behavior
​​of the VIX ​and the ​SP100 Index and SP500 Index.

​​​​As shown by the first chart below, the VIX is now at a Major Support
​Trendline that started back since July 3 2014.
(See First Chart Below - Grey Trendline - Ellipse)

​But as few of us realize is that at a time were the VIX is near a bottom and a breakout in price for the SP500 Index, the SP100 Index (biggest capitalization - OEF ETF) is still under performing the SP500 Index (SPY ETF) since February 11 2016 after creating a triple top in relative terms.  (See Second Chart Below - Blue Line)

But the real interesting part is to observe that at a time the biggest capitalization are under performing the Mighty SP500 Index, the Relative Volatility (SP100 Index Volatility VXN over SP500 Index Volatility VIX) is at a Major Support that strated back since June 20 2014. (See Third Chart Below - Top Panel - Thick Red Trendlines)

And most of the time it got to the Support Line, we had the SP500 Index near a consolidation or a correction and Volatility increased. ​(See Third Chart Below - Bottom Panel - Candles)


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Daily RATIO (Blue Line)
SP100 Index​ (OEF ETF)
​SP500 Index (SPY ETF) 
Daily Candles
Daily RATIO (Blue Line)
SP100 Index​ Volatility (OEF ETF - VXN)
​SP500 Index Volatility (SPY ETF - VIX)