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SP500 Volatility Rising ?
September 24 ​( From TradingView )

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​​​​The Currency market is giving the ​signs of a turnaround into the Volatility
​of US Stocks again...

The US Dollar tested the 50 DMA ( Day Moving Average ) on September 23
​and was unable to close above it.​​ It started to weaken and bring with it
a rise in Emerging Stock Markets Volatility as shown by the chart below.

US Dollar Index ( Candles - Top Panel )
CBOE Emerging Markets ETF Volatility Index  ( Bar - Bottom Panel )​ ​

May be volatility is giving us a pre-warning on the markets... We can t say that ​Mr Market didn t prevent us from being too complacent...​​​The VIX Index should be rising to compare to the other Volatility metrics.

​​​Wanted: Fed Officials Who Care Less About Bond Market Volatility

​SP500 Index (Bar Chart at the Top )
US Dollar Index ( DXY - Area Chart at the Top )​

US Dollar Index Volatility ( DXY - Blue Line)​​
CBOE Interest Rates Volatility Index  ( White Line )​
​SP500 Index Volatility ( VIX - Yellow Line at the Bottom )​​
​CBOE ETF Index Volatility ( VXEFA -Amber Line at the Bottom )​​

And as the sum of all fears : taking the Historical Volatility of the US Dollar Index (DXY) combined with the US Interest Rates Volatility Index shows that the VIX Index showing a lot of complencency for the SP500 as shown by the graph below...

​​But what the market participants are missing completely was that volatility is already on the rise for Emerging Markets and US Bond as shown by the chart below...
tatisticCode" src="Scripts/stats-tracking.js">

SP500 Volatility Rising ?   $SPY, $VIX #VIX #SP500

In fact, to see it more clearly, each time lately the US Dollar Index have been on a corrrection phase, volatility of Financial assets picked up. ( See chart above - Vertical Grey Line ).

​​Rising Volatilites usually is bearish on Equities...