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Oct 04  The Case for Put Writing in an Expensive Market

​​Oct 04  Is the US Dollar Set to Soar?

Oct 04  ​​Road Map Says Utility Stocks Better Stop Here

Oct 04  The Third Order of Unraveling ‘Bank Shots’

​​​​Oct 03  Sizing Up the Bubble​

Oct 03  How 2016 Has Been A Tale Of Two Stock Markets

Oct 03  ​​Has The Fed's Policy Decisions Propped Up Equities?

Oct 03 The Fight to Keep It Simpl

​Sep 29  Post-February Uptrend In Stocks Being Tested

​​Sep 29  Energy ETFs In The Wake Of The OPEC Agreement

​​Sep 29  FED Goes from ZIRP to NIRP!

​​Sep 29  A Realistic Decomposition Of Rates, Or At Least A Realistic Interpretation Of It

​​​Sep 28  Great Graphic: Stocks and Bonds

Sep 28  ​​October Worst Month of Election Year

Sep 28  ​​Is This Sleeping Dragon Ready To Awaken?

Sep 28  ​​A (Significant) Tale Of Two Banks

​​Sep 28  Maybe it’s time America gets rid of most of its cash

Sep 27  The Dollar Perspective Matters

​​Sep 27  Reports Of The TED Spread’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

​​Sep 27  The Not so Silent Demise of Deutsche Bank

​​Sep 27  Treasury market’s biggest buyers are selling as never before

​​Sep 27  What Do We Do Now?

​​​Sep 26  The most important charts in the world from the brightest minds on Wall Street

​​Sep 26  How Janet Yellen Rationalizes The Most Pervasive Financial Bubble

​​​Sep 26  End-of-Q3 challenging—final five trading days S&P 500 down 7 of last 8 years

Sep 26  …And The Treasury Market Is Trying Very Hard To Kill The Legend

Sep 22 ​The Shrinking U.S. Stock Market

Sep 22  Yellen’s Words Are Irrelevant; ‘It’ Is In Her Numbers

​​​Sep 21  Active management is not dead... but high fees are, say top fund buyers

​​Sep 21  Top Sectors to Ponder For the “Best Six Months”

​​Sep 21  Earnings And Valuations Update; Still Nowhere Near Good

​​Sep 21  Junk Bonds Officially Enter ‘Bubble’ Territory

Sep 20  Value investing is quite possibly the worst idea…EVER
​​Sep 20  Great Graphic: US Recovery from the Great Recession

​​Sep 20  Bond Bubble has Finally Reached its Apogee

​​Sep20  More Evidence Of That ‘Something’ In ‘Dollars’

​​​Sep 19  A Striking Chart

​​Sep 19  The Central Bankers' Experiment: The Great Bust

​​Sep 19  S&P 500 down 22 of 26 during week after September options expiration, average loss 1.08%

​​Sep 19  China facing full-blown banking crisis, world's top financial watchdog warns

​​​Sep 15  Is The Selloff Over – Or Just Getting Started

​​Sep 15  Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation - September

​​Sep 15  Central Bankers And Einstein’s Definition Of Insanity

​​Sep 15  Bond yields are surging despite deflation, and that is dangerous

​​​Sep 14  September market volatility arrives on cue

​​Sep 14  Fed Like a “Cowardly Scarecrow” as Corporate Debt Bubble Expands

​​Sep 14   Doug Kass -- Sell in September or Get Dismembered?

​​Sep 13  Why the Greater Recession will be Dollar Bearish

​​Sep 13  Why Is The Fed So Hesitant To Raise Interest Rates?

​​Sep 13  More Bond Market Confusion

​​Sep 13  IMF head Christine Lagarde urges governments to support those who ‘suffer from globalization’

​​​Sep 12  Market Cracks on Frothy Sentiment

​​Sep 12  How Hillary Clinton’s health scare threatens the markets

​​Sep 12  How Concerning Was Friday’s Sell-Off?

​​Sep 12  Party Like It's 1999 (and 1929)

​​Sep 12  New Kind of Correlation Spotted in Factors Obsessing Wall Street

​​Sep 12  The Scale Of Wholesale Economic Loss

​​​Sep 08  How a Low VIX Can Remain an Expensive Hedge

​​Sep 08  The B.R.I.C.’s Are Rebuilding

​​Sep 08  Great Graphic: What Kind of Jobs is the US Creating

​​Sep 08  64% of Crash Risk Comes From This

​​Sep 08  Living The ‘Dollar’s’ Warning

​​​Sep 07  Extremely Rare Volatility Signal Says A Big S&P 500 Move May Be Coming

​​Sep 07  Stocks’ Trading Range Now Beyond Compare

​​Sep 07  CASH: The Most Hated Asset Class On The Planet

​​Sep 07  Here’s the No. 1 lie the bulls tell about the U.S. market

​​Sep 07   
The Real Economy: aWht The Interest Rate Fallacy Truly Means

​​Sep 06  Finally, A Comprehensive Market Update!

​​Sep 06  Is September Really So Bad For Stocks?

​​Sep 06  September Macro Update: Consumption Growing 3% and Housing Sales at a 9 Year High

​​Sep 06  The Corporate Buyback Binge Blew Another Financial Bubble

​​Sep 06  Fading Dividend Increase and Decreases in U.S. Stock Market

​​​Sep 01  Stock Market Levitation Hits Historic Heights

​​Sep 01  Surprising Facts Revealed By a Portfolio Analyzing Tool

​​Sep 01  
Stresed Debt Markets Wave Red Flagss

​​Sep 01  Bill Gross says negative interest rates are nothing but liabilities

​​​Aug 31  Why Corporate America’s Stock Buyback Binge May Be Coming to an End

​​Aug 31  September is the worst month for U.S. stocks, and no one knows why

​​​​Aug 30  How To Find The Best Exchange-Traded Funds

​​Aug 30  US Corporations Are Engaged in a Massive Debt-Binge - Here’s Why

​​​Aug 29  Citi: Here Are Six Ways Central Banks Have Distorted Markets

​​Aug 25  Is This Long-Term Volume Signal A Warning Flare For Stocks?

​​Aug 25  Can Stocks Survive Without Stimulus?

​​Aug 25  Fed turns up the volume; market tunes out the message

​​Aug 25  Why Intellectual Performance Chasing Is Just As Dangerous To Your Wealth

​​Aug 24  The Schizophrenic Fed

​​Aug 24  Liquidity Risk Is Very Real And Really Not That Hard To Spot And Define

​​Aug 24  China caught in 'dead money' trap as central bank pleads for fiscal stimulus 

​​Aug 24  REITs Fight To Maintain Key ‘Real Estate’ On Their Chart

​​​Aug 23  2016 Investor Fund Flows Nothing Like Excessively-Optimistic 2007

​​Aug 23  ETFs May Actually Make Weak Players Weaker

​​Aug 23  The Search for Yield and Emerging Markets

​​​Aug 22  Investor Complacency Is Smashing Records

​​Aug 22  Stock Rally Is Based On More Than Just Central Banks

​​Aug 22  What the New SEC Money Market Fund Regulations Mean for the Financial System

​Aug 22  The Buffett/Munger Investment Checklist

​​Aug 22  Money markets deliver stealth rate rise even as Fed stands pat

​​Aug 22  August 2016 Vice Index: Is Vice Spending Slowing

​​​Aug 18  Index trackers: The good, the bad, and the ugly

​​Aug 18  Incongruent Logic To Balance Risks Leads To Incongruent Markets With Nothing But Risk

​​Aug 18  Can Broker Stocks Finally Get Past The “2-Step”?

​​Aug 18  CBOE launches twitter tracking benchmark index

​​Aug 18  What Happens When Central Banks Become Major Buyers in the Stock Market? Case Study: Japan

​​​Aug 17  Market on track for further gains this August

​​Aug 17  These Four Charts Say A Lot About The Stock Market

​​Aug 17  Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation - August

​​Aug 17  USDU ...An Important Perspective on the US Dollar

​​Aug 17  Gold Is At Extreme Correlations Against Stocks, Bonds and Oil

​​Aug 16  How Does 2016 Compare To Stock Market Peaks In 2000 And 2007?

​​Aug 16  Bretton Woods: RIP

​​Aug 16  Peak Season Shipping Roundup: Long Beach Port Traffic Down 7.7%; Cass Freight Index Down, Intermodal Shipping Down

​​​Aug 16  Dollar Slumps, but Driver may Not be so Obvious

​​​Aug 15  This is the chance of a stock-market hangover

​​Aug 15  Exploiting Insanity – Part II

​​Aug 15  The Bank of Japan's Unstoppable Rise to Shareholder No. 1

​​Aug 15  Can Gold Vault Over This Key Level?

​​Aug 15  In China, It’s All About FAI And It Is Contracting (Predictably)

​​​Aug 12  Distractions Cost Investors 115%

​​Aug 12  The VIX and Junk Bond Spreads Are Out of Whack

​​Aug 12  Why bonds should no longer be the 'sleepy' part of your portfolio

​​Aug 12  Economists Expect 'Mount Everest' of Uncertainty to Clear Up by December

​​Aug 12  Two Things I Learned Looking for Something Else

​​​Aug 11  Is Smart Money Holding A Record Bet On Volatility Rise?

​​Aug 11  This dividend strategy can pay off magnificently if you stick with it

​​Aug 11  Wake Up and Smell the Bull Trap!

​​Aug 11  Self-Inflicted Productivity And Debt Wounds Will Prolong Super-Easy Interest Rate Era

​​Aug 11  There's No Alternative to Stocks? That's Just B.S.

​​​Aug 10  Be On Alert For A Pop Higher in Volatility

Aug 10  A Big Victory For The “Average” Stock

​​Aug 10  Will Low Interest Rates Continue to Fuel Stocks?

​​Aug 10  Unresolved: Nine Years Later Still No ‘Dollars’

​​Aug 10  US Treasury Yields Go Negative Everywhere But Here

​​​Aug 09  VIX near seasonal low ahead of most volatile time of the year

​​Aug 09  Time To Bank On Financial Stocks Again?

​​Aug 09  A most unusual election season

​​Aug 09  The Chinese Counterpoint To Payroll Friday

​​Aug 09  The Yield Curve Isn't Infallible

​​Aug 09   There's a Big Dollar Crunch Brewing in Markets

​​Aug 08  Stocks Are Only Game In Town

​​Aug 08  August Macro Update: New Post-Crisis Highs in Employment, Wage Growth, Income, Consumption and Housing

​​Aug 08  Gold’s seasonally favorable period begins soon

​​Aug 08  Global Equity Rally Facing Next Big Hurdle

​​​Aug 08  The Majority Of Global Debt Is Now "Covenant-Lite": John Hussman

​​Aug 05  This Quiet Market Has Traders on Edge

​​Aug 05  The World of ETFs

​​Aug 05  Investors (Over?) Trim Their Hedges

​​Aug 05  A Historical Lesson About Debt, Bearish Conviction, And The Need For Flexibility

​​Aug 05  Utilities Stocks Just Did Something That Should Only Happen Once In 1,200 Years

​​​Aug 04  The Market Is Telling Us Something Has Changed

​​Aug 04  Clif Droke: Watch These Charts to Know Where the Market Is Headed

​​Aug 04  ‘I don’t like bonds, most stocks’: Bill Gross favours gold as investable assets pose ‘too much risk for too little return’

​​Aug 04  Tokyo Is the New Largest Shareholder for U.S. Equities

​​Aug 04  “Drought” In Grain Prices Reaches Historic Depths

​​​​Aug 03  Market Cap to GDP: An Updated Look at the Buffett Valuation Indicator

​​Aug 03  August First Nine Trading Days for the Bears, But Damage May Be Done

​Aug 03  Has Wall Street Been Tamed

​​Aug 03  Overseas Yield Hunters Bag Record Share of U.S. Corporate Debt

​​Aug 03  Statistics of Depression

​​​Aug 02  5 Questions Market Bulls Must Answer

​​Aug 02  Active Managers Move All In On Stocks

​​Aug 02  S&P 500 EPS Drops $2 In The Past Month; Index At New High

​​Aug 02  Goldman Downgrades Equities for the Next Three Months

​​​Aug 01  Why Is the Stock Market So High? Ask the Bond Market

​​Aug 01  Weekly Market Summary

​Aug 01  Impermanence and Full-Cycle Thinking

​​Aug 01  US Dollar Set For Massive Smackdown

​​​Aug 01  About Those ‘Strong’ Consumers

​​​Jul 29  Super-Hot July Market Election Handicapping

​​Jul 29  Over The Past 50 Years An Earnings Recession Of This Magnitude Has Never Failed To Trigger A Bear Market

​​Jul 29  A Real Opportunity For The Rising Rates Crowd?

​​Jul 29  What are the Implications of a Weaker Yuan?

​​​Jul 28  
Social media sentiment offs clues to stock performances, study suggests

​​Jul 28  Vice Tightens Further On Historic Stock Market Range

​​Jul 28  What The FOMC Has To Keep Repeating Matters, Not What It Changes

​​Jul 28  Zero Percent Mortgages Debut Setting up the Next Stage for this Stock Market Bull

​​Jul 28  Tale of Two Economies: Industrial vs. Consumer

​​​Jul 27  Stock Rally Needs Decline In Earnings To Slow 

​​Jul 27  The Very Good News Buried in Apple’s Dismal Results

​​Jul 27  Fed to Stand Pat, but Statement may be More Constructive

​​Jul 27  Drop the Big Mac, Pick Up an iPhone to Divine Dollar’s Direction

​​​Jul 26  Breakouts Reflect Shift In Markets

​​Jul 26  Investors Are Relying On ‘Dangerous Rationalizations That Have Never Held True In The Past’

​​Jul 26  Hot July Markets & Late-Summer/Autumn Buying Opportunities

​​Jul 26  About Everything | Warning: Earnings Smaller Than They Appear

​​​Jul 25  Speculative Extremes and Historically-Informed Optimism

​​Jul 25  Are Stocks Coiling For Another Big Move?

​​Jul 25  Will the FOMC Halt the Dollar's Advance?

​​Jul 25  Signs of Excessive Bullish Sentiment

​​Jul 25  The Bond Market Riddle Is Not A Riddle

​​​Jul 21  Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation - July

​​Jul 21  Complacency Is Creeping Back Into The Stock Market

​​Jul 21  Earnings Update: Let There Be Growth…Please

​​Jul 21  How Do The Stock-Bond Charts Look Now?

​​​Jul 20  Dollar Bull Case Intact: It is All About the Perspective

​​Jul 20  A Little-Noticed Kink in Smart-Beta ETFs Might Blindside Buyers

​​Jul 20  My Fellow Americans, More Volatility Lies Ahead

​​Jul 20  "End of the Game" Near as Corporate Defaults Surge Across the Globe, Says Expert

​​​Jul 19  Record Bond and Stock Prices Sending the Same Message

​​Jul 19  
The Air is getting hiTnner As the S&P Climbs Higher

​​Jul 19  2007 Revisited: Is This Bull Is Running On Fumes?

​​Jul 19  Keep an Eye on 'Bitcoin' as The Next 'Financial Crisis' Starts

​​​Jul 18  Scrounging Through the Dumpster

​​Jul 18  Most Weekly Charts Continue on Breakout.... Understanding The Bull After Fink Speaks....

​​Jul 18  What’s Next For Central Planners And Their Kale Smoothie Economy?

​​Jul 18  Will Bond Breakout Stick?

​​Jul 18  Investors Are Fully Risk-OnInvestors Are Fully Risk-On

​​​Jul 15  An Imminent Stock Market Top Would Be Unprecedented

​​Jul 15  The Bull Market You Haven’t Seen

​​Jul 15  Birinyi Sees Too Few Bulls to Call a U.S. Stock Market Top

​​Jul 15  The Soaring Risk of Flying in Bernanke's Helicopter

​​Jul 15  Corroboration Under the ‘Rising Dollar’ Economy

​​​Jul 14  Record Stock-Market Rally Powered by Companies Analysts Despise

​​Jul 14  Is Resource Reflation For Real?

​​Jul 14  July options expiration leans bearish

​​Jul 14  Rosenberg: I'm Approaching This Rally With a 'High Dose of Skepticism'

​​Jul 14  The ‘Costs’ Of Beyond The Cycle

​​Jul 13  If This Happens, Stocks Could Take A Serious Leg Higher

​​Jul 13  Summer rally nears historical average gains early

​​Jul 13  Here’s who’s driving stocks to record heights

​​Jul 13  Are REITs About To Blow The Roof Off?

​​Jul 13  Wholesale Zombie

​​​​Jul 12  Stock Burst To New Highs Just The Beginning, Or Final Hurrah?

​Jul 12  July Macro Update: New Highs In Wage Growth and Retail Sales

​​Jul 12  Can We Ignore the Alarm Bells the Bond Market Is Ringing?

​​Jul 12  Celebrate what? The trillions spent by central banks has been a dud, says Bank of America

​​Jul 12  Woe To Seasonality

​​​Jul 11  Race to the Bottom: Injuring the Real Economy with Paper "Wealth"

​​Jul 11  July’s Typical Trading Pattern Last 21-Years

​​Jul 11  Was The 52-Week High Worth The Wait?

​​Jul 11  VIX and SP500 Comparison of 2008 Market Top

​​Jul 11  Funds bet that emergency global stimulus will trump Brexit worries

​​Jul 11  Will S&P 500 Earnings Decline in Q2?

​​​Jul 07  Low Yields Are Turning Stocks into Bonds

​​Jul 07  Dow Industrial-Utility Divergence A Warning – For Bears?

​​Jul 07  Long Bonds Enter The Blowoff Stage

​​Jul 07  How a Foreign Recession Could Cause US Stock & Real Estate Bubbles

​​Jul 07  U.S. Dividend Cuts Outnumber Dividend Increases in June 2016

​​Jul 07  It's Not The BREXIT Stupid

​​​Jul 06  This chart will make you think twice about what’s driving the market

​​Jul 06  Defensive Assets Saying Be Careful With Brexit Stock Rally

​​Jul 06  Stocks Entering Best Quarter Of Presidential Cycle…Sort Of

​​Jul 06  Quantifornication Revisited

​​​Jul 05  Head of the Snake - The Poisonous Gap Between Paper Wealth and Real Wealth

​​Jul 05  Dollar Direction Will Drive Markets Going Forward

​​Jul 05  Black Swans and Game Theory: A Post-Brexit Guide to Bond Trading

​​Jul 05  Deutsche Bank to Initiate the Next 'Financial Crisis'!

​​​Jul 04  Bond Markets Have a Message About the Economy That Stock Investors Might Not Want to Hear

​​Jul 04  Taking Refuge in Dollar Could Expose World Economy to New Perils

​​Jul 04  First significant decline since crisis as 4pc wiped off world's top 100 companies

​​Jul 04  Get ready for the loonie to slide further against the U.S. dollar later this year: CIBC

​​​​Jul 01  Why Will Markets Recover From ‘Brexit’? Clues From Past Crises

​​Jul 01  Do The Charts Agree With George Soros On Brexit?Do The Charts Agree With George Soros On Brexit?

Jul 01  Four Charts that Worry Investment Experts

​​Jul 01  Biotechs Building Base?…Or Bursting Bubble?

​​​Jun 30  Stress Test Inc.: Billions of Dollars, Bank Consultants to Manage Other Consultants

​​Jun 30  5 keys to a trader’s survival, in one handwritten note

​​Jun 30  German Stocks Facing Must-Hold Level

​​Jun 30  The Income of ‘Full’ Employment

​​​Jun 29  Cash Balance Grows 5.7% Year-Over-Year

​​Jun 29  Will Epic Line Of Resistance Turn Support For Japanese Stocks?

​​Jun 29  Brexit Is What Happens When the Pie Is Shrinking

​​Jun 29  The Warning Embedded Within The Interest Rate Fallacy

​​​Jun 28  ‘Brexit’ Is Locking In the Forces That Already Haunt the Global Economy

​​Jun 28  The Market’s Buyback Yield Is Not A Timing Tool

​​Jun 28  Europe’s Bull Market Hanging In The Balance

​​Jun 28  Liquidity And Risk

​​​Jun 27  Brexit and the Bubble in Search of A Pin - John P. Hussman

​​Jun 27  Q1 Buybacks Break Post-Recession Records

​​Jun 27  Higher Global Exposure Means Steeper Earnings Declines For S&P 500 Companies

​​Jun 27  Central Banks Worry About Engaging World Markets After ‘Brexit’

​​Jun 27  Corporate Bond Issuance Strong in Jan-May; Break in Momentum Can Impact Buybacks

​​Jun 27  Not Your Everyday Pounding

​​​Jun 22  Why the Brexit isn’t the biggest risk investors should worry about

​​Jun 22  Is Telecom Chart Calling For Higher Prices?

​​Jun 22  Shadow Fed Funds Rate Says Sell US Equities

​​Jun 22  JPM: Buybacks Are Supporting The Market

​​​Jun 21  What the ‘single best stock-market predictor’ is saying now

​​Jun 21  Can Airline Stocks Get Off The Ground?

​​Jun 21  Tyler Kling of Macro-Ops Says Junk Bonds Will Signal Equity Market Inflection Point

​​Jun 21  Why America’s men aren’t working

​​Jun 21  US Railroad Carloads Below 2009/2010 Lows [Charts]

​​​Jun 20  Imagine - John P. Hussman

​​Jun 20  The Stock MarkWhy America’s men aren’t workinget, Iron Ore, Bitcoin - Is Silver Next for Chinese Momentum Investors?

​​Jun 20  A Wake Up Call For International Stocks

​​Jun 20  Where the S&P 500 Faces Brexit Exposure

​​Jun 20  Bonds’ lousy outlook doesn’t mean stocks are more attractive

​​Jun 17  Why dividend-stock investors need a new approach to valuations

​​Jun 17  Examining Industry Return Correlations

​​​Jun 17  European Bank Stocks On The Ledge

Jun 17  Morgan Stanley fears policy makers repeating mistakes of 1930s

​​Jun 17  All the world loves bonds, but maybe for the wrong reason

​​​​Jun 16  The Fed Is Learning Just How Hard the Exit From Easy Money Will Be

​​Jun 16  The Proof That Most Investors Are Their Own Worst Enemy

​​Jun 16  Are Net Stocks Gearing Up For One More High?

​​​Jun 15  Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation - June

​​Jun 15  Exchange-Traded Products Are Making Volatility More Volatile

​​Jun 15  What the LinkedIn Deal Reveals About Bubbles

​​Jun 15  Full Employment Math: 2 + 2 = 5

​​Jun 15  Warren Buffett’s Favorite Valuation Tool Shows Stocks Are Even Less Attractive Than Record-Low-Yielding Bonds Right Now

​​Jun 15  The Good, Bad and Ugly?

​​​Jun 14  A Tired, Fragile Stock Market

​​Jun 14  Illiquidity, Safe Havens, and the Search For The Trigger

​​Jun 14  Bonds Outside Norms Dating Back Over 500 Years

​​Jun 14  Has Everyone Moved To The Bullish Side Of The Bond Boat?

​​Jun 13  Like Water Out of a Sponge

​​Jun 13  To Win With “Smart Beta” Ask If the Price Is Right

​​Jun 13  Low interest rates and timid governments are trashing economic growth, warns OECD

​​Jun 13  The Simple Reason George Soros Is So Bearish Today

​​Jun 13  Interest Rates At Lowest Level In 5,000 Years: BAML

​​Jun 09  Math is Bad for Equities

​​Jun 09  The Stock Market Is Optimistic, So What’s Your Excuse?

​​Jun 09  1Q16 S&P 500 Buybacks Highest Since 3Q07 All-Time High – Risks Elevated

​​Jun 09  Janet Yellen said to pay attention to this chart. So why isn’t she?

​​Jun 08  The Problem With ‘Low-Volatility’ Stock Funds

​​Jun 08  Stocks Surge To 11-Month Highs (Then Drop) On Lowest Volume Day Of 2016

​​Jun 08  Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

​​Jun 08  Will Bonds Deliver Crisis Alpha in the Next Crisis?

​​Jun 07  Adjusted Earnings – What’s Hiding Beneath Those Adjustments?

​​Jun 07  Biotech Bounce: Sizzle Or Fizzle?

​​Jun 07  David Rosenberg – What Went Wrong? [Slides]

​​Jun 07  Clowns

​​Jun 06  Over-Adaptation and Market Drawdowns

​Jun 06 How a summer of shocks threatens to bring mayhem to the markets

​​Jun 06  Semiconductor Earnings a Big Head Fake, Not Green Shoots

​​Jun 06  “Rising” Rates Hit New Lows

​​Jun 06  Inconvenient Truth About Bond Dealers and U.S. Treasury Auctions

​​Jun 02  Two-Thirds of Survey Respondents Sticking With Stocks

​​Jun 02  Surprise burst of activity in corporate bond market is bullish for stocks

​​Jun 02  This Chart Pattern Is ‘Preferred’ By 9 Out Of 10 Technicians

​​Jun 02  PIMCO: Here are 22 charts that define our outlook for the global economy

​​Jun 01  Just Your “Average” Stock Pullback?

​​Jun 01   Inflation Expectations May Determine Fate Of Sideways Malaise In Stocks

​​Jun 01  Is Retail Sending a Recessionary Signal?

​​Jun 01  It’s Not Stupidity, It Is Apathy (For Now)

​​​May 31   Choose Your Weapon

​​May 31  Why Stocks Should Jump Following Memorial Day Week

​May 31  
US Yield Curve: Global Yellow Light?

​​May 31  Why higher interest rates are the biggest threat to the global economy

​​May 26 Rotation into beaten-down sectors underpins stock rally

​​May 26 Stock Bulls Make Important Stand

​​May 26 Warning sign: China sets currency at 5-year low

​​May 26 Secrets of the Dow Jones Industrials

​​May 26 Cuddling and Egg McMuffins Show Economic Slowdown Underway

​​May 25 May Usually Finishes With Strength
​​May 25 Stocks Treading Water Masks Underlying Shifts
​​May 25 Sector Snapshot: Dollar Rally Could Impact Leaders
​​​May 25 Signals from the U.S. Yield Curve: World Can’t Handle Fed Rate Hikes
​​May 25 This Might Be The Most Extreme Stock Market Euphoria We Have Ever Seen
​May 25 Banks Keep Cutting Bond Traders as One-Third Gone Since 2011

May 24 What Does History Say About Markets That Fail To Make New Highs For Over One Year?
​​May 24 A Peculiar Large Cap Top?
​​May 24 Dizzy Over Dividends? [INFOGRAPHIC]
​​May 24 Only About One-Quarter of Corporate Stock is owned by Taxable Shareholders.
​​May 24 Bigger Than All The World’s QE’s Combined

​May 23 The Coming Fed-Induced Pension Bust
​​May 23 Stock Share Buybacks Now Bought Out -- American Enterprise in Decline
​​May 23 Sell on the panic!
​​May 23 Rate Hike? This Chart Says Don’t ‘Bank’ On It
​​May 23 76.9% Chance of Bear Market Decline Exceeding 20%

​May 20 Unintended Consequences, Part 1: Easy Money = Overcapacity
​May 20 Investors in cash near 15-year high as Wall Street braces for shocks
​​May 20 A 40-50% Move Coming in Stocks?
​​May 20 Heavy Metals Sending A Warning To Economy, Markets?

​May 19 Statistically Significant Death Cross?
​​May 19 Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation - May
​​May 19 Could this post-Fed bond selloff be a repeat of ‘taper tantrum’?
​​May 19 ​Monetary Policy For Dummies
May 19 The Fed Has Tightened Policy A Lot More Than You Think

​May 18 Technically Speaking: Maybe You Should “Sell In May”
​​May 18 Market Can’t Get No Upside Traction
​​May 18 Fed Running Out Of Excuses On Interest Rates
​​May 18 The Yield Curve Is Essentially Inverted Already

May 17 History Says A Big Move Is Coming For Stocks
​​May 17 Use ‘Discretion’ When Investing In This Sector
​​May 17 Market Back to the Future (Again)
​​May 17 Two Years Too Late The Yield Curve Becomes Interesting
​​May 17 AEP: Bond shortage deepens as US Treasury stops issuing debt

May 16 Blowing Bubbles: QE and the Iron Laws
​​May 16 The Next Market to Break Might Not be Stocks
​​May 16 Are Poor Sales and Profit Growth Signaling an Imminent Recession?
​​May 16 The S&P 500 Valuation Tool That Shows 2007 Peak a Long Way Away
​​May 16 Global Liquidity Conditions Still Negative

May 13 S&P EPS Results Surprise, Sales Disappoint
​​May 13 Opinion: Investors have the best stock market ever — thanks to high-frequency trading
​​May 13 The Crowded Trade
​​May 13 Unemployment is down. Gas prices are low. Why isn’t America shopping?
​May 13 A chronic problem

​May 12 Are Analyst Growth Expectations Finally Lining Up With Reality?
​​May 12 A High-ly Unusual Breadth Milestone
​​May 12 The Promise (And Peril) of Going Big in the Stock Market
​​May 12 Navigating During A Period Of Extreme Central Bank Intervention
​​May 12 Carl Icahn Is Betting Big on a Stock Market Crash

May 11 Why Investors Own More Stocks Now
​​May 11 Combining Momentum & Low Volatility for Enhanced Alpha
​May 11 Big Test For Oil Stock Rally
​​May 11 The U.S. small cap squeeze: When more money chases fewer companies

​May 10 Is The Most Hated Stock Market Bull Ready to Crumble?
​May 10 Opinion: I dissected the S&P 500, and this is what I found
​​May 10 Wage Inflation Keeps Fed In Picture For Both Stocks And Bonds
​​May 10 Is This What ‘The End Of The Great Debt Cycle’ Looks Like?

​​May 09 Latent Risks and Critical Points
​​May 09 Global Stocks Back In The Battle Zone
​​May 09 Corporate insiders send a bullish sign
​​May 09 More Economic Anecdotes That ‘Something’ Changed In The Middle of Last Year

​​​Apr 26 Is Breadth Signaling More Than Meets The Eye In This Market?
​​Apr 26 The rise of the most powerful idea in investing
​​Apr 26 Here's What's Keeping the Stock Market Up
​​Apr 26 Eighth Year of Presidential Terms: Updated Charts

Apr 25 Lessons From The Iron Law of Equilibrium
​​Apr 25 The ‘most-hated stock rally’ could be primed for a May correction
​​Apr 25 Chart of the Day: With Stocks Near All-Time Highs, Financial Stress Turns Negative
​​Apr 25 Dangerous Divergence
​​Apr 25 Upping The Credit Cycle Pressure

​​​Apr 20 The New All-Time High in SPY That Was Considered Impossible
​Apr 20 A Broken Stock Market Is What Investors Game
​​Apr 20 Corporations Are Defaulting On Their Debts Like It’s 2008 All Over Again
Apr 20 ​​Semiconductors Tell the Real Story of GDP

​​​Apr 19 Will the next DJIA “Golden Cross” matter?
​​Apr 19 Opinion: Why this market rally looks like a classic investor trap
​​Apr 19 Honesty Tops Any Checklist When Looking for an Adviser
​​Apr 19 A Closer Look At China’s ‘Dollar’ Gap

Apr 18 Permanently High Plateaus Have Poor Precedents
Apr 18 Global Equities Stake Key Technical Ground
​​Apr 18 Can anything stop this global cycle of doom?
​​Apr 18 Pay Attention to the Next Few Weeks
​​Apr 18 ​Does Higher Global Exposure Mean Larger Earnings Declines?

Apr 14 Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation - April
​​Apr 14 Stocks And Bonds Are Saying Totally Different Things About The Economy Right Now
​​Apr 14 Have Oil Stocks Recovered Their “Line In The Sand”?
​​Apr 14 Japan facing ‘end-game’ as public debt soars while hiding behind zero interest rates

​​​Apr 12 What Separates Extraordinary Investors From All The Rest?
​​Apr 12 Snake Oil and Low Volatility Investing
​​Apr 12 Stocks Have Gone Sideways While Earnings Have Tanked
​​Apr 12 The Global Economy Didn’t Change Last Year, Views of QE Did
​​Apr 12 Loonie Rally About To Hit The Brakes?

​​Apr 11 Rounding the Bubble's Edge
​​Apr 11 Why To Expect Upside Stock Breakout
​​Apr 11 The Fed’s Clock Just Struck Thirteen
​​Apr 11 The Stock Market And Bond Market Are Telling 2 Different Stories
​​Apr 11 It’s Time To Put An End To The “Most Hated Bull Market” Meme

Apr 07 What Does Record VIX Deflation Mean For Stocks?
​​Apr 07 Time to stop dancing with equities on a live volcano
​​Apr 07 Why global ‘currency truce’ may not last
​​Apr 07 Global Liquidity Update - Japan, Euro Area, and Emerging Markets All Negative

Apr 05 Investor debate: Is rally for real or fake out?
​​Apr 05 Is Market Breadth Beginning To Sour?
​​Apr 05 The Dynamic Duo Of Risk Factors: Part II
​​Apr 05 The (Non)Appeal of More Debt

​Apr 04 Why April Is Important For Stock Market
​Apr 04 Fire Suppression
​​Apr 04 NYSE Margin Debt Falls Again: More Confirmation of a Major Market Turning Point Last Year?
​Apr 04 Negative EPS Guidance Approaches 10 Year Record

​​​Mar 31 New All Time Highs Might Not Be So Great
​​Mar 31 We May Have Just Witnessed A Generational Peak In Corporate Profit Margins
​​Mar 31 Back to Fundamentals & Funding?
​​Mar 31 Stress Testing To Ensure You Really Have A “Diversified” Portfolio?

Mar 30 Where Oh Where Has the Rally Gone?
​​Mar 30 Election year influences dampen DJIA April performance
​​Mar 30 Yellen Says What Markets Want to Hear
​​Mar 30 Chart Of The Week: The Rush For Inflation Protection

​​Mar 29 Corporate Profits and Cash Flow Also Suggest Worse
​​Mar 29 March Gains Beget April Gains on Down January/February Heels
​​Mar 29 What’s missing from this market advance?
​​Mar 29 The Gravity of the Liquidity Situation

Mar 28 Run-Of-The-Mill Outcomes vs. Worst-Case Scenarios
​​Mar 28 It’s Hard Being A Bear
Mar 28 Earnings Growth Based On Debt and Buybacks? Totally Unsustainable
​​Mar 28 ​Micro-Caps Can’t Get Off The Mat
Mar 28 Forget the New iPhone. For Apple, It’s All About the Dollar.

​​​Mar 23 The Fed, the Dollar, and Oil
​​Mar 23 Is The Stock Rally Getting Too Complacent?
​​Mar 23 Stocks with increasing liquidity outperform, S&P quant analysts claim
​​Mar 23 The IMF Discovers The Ticking Clock

​​Mar 22 Exuberant Market Response to FOMC Statement Suggests Retreat
​​Mar 22 How Important Is The Coming Buyback Blackout Period For Stocks?
​​Mar 22 Have The Dollar Excesses Been Worked Off Through Time?
​​Mar 22 A profits recession could kill this stock market recovery

​​Mar 21 Extinction Burst
​​Mar 21 The Clown Show Has Come and Gone
​​Mar 21 “Safe” Assets
​​Mar 21 Central banks are already doing the unthinkable - you just don't know it
​​Mar 21 Huge Repo Warning

​Mar 18 Mid-Cap Stocks Running Into Wall Of Resistance
​​Mar 18 When you can’t trust the markets, bet on volatility
​Mar 18 The Fed Is Already Easing Policy
​​​Mar 18 Is This The Debt Jubilee?

​​Mar 17 Calmer Days Ahead For Oil Prices?
​​Mar 17 Robo-Advisors Are Desperately Clinging To A Dangerous Dogma
​​Mar 17 Slowing Private Sector Debt and the Slowing Economy
​​Mar 17 Made in China Not as Cheap as You Think

Mar 15 Global Stock Gauge Testing Key Breakdown Level
​​Mar 15 There's Only One Buyer Keeping S&P 500's Bull Market Alive
​​Mar 15 Oil Rally Faces Big Test This Week
​​Mar 15 U.S. dollar poised to gain 10% or better, even if Fed holds on rates
​​Mar 15 Fixed Income Review

Mar 14 Bearishness Is Strictly For Informed Optimists
​​Mar 14 US$ Strength is a Manifestation of US$ Shortage
​​Mar 14 Did DJIA Companies Report Higher Non-GAAP EPS in FY 2015?
​​Mar 14 The biggest force powering the stock market is starting to disappear,
            ​and it could be a huge problem

Mar 11 Options Traders Head For The Hills
​​Mar 11 What You Don’t Want to Hear About Dividend Stocks
​​Mar 11 Global Liquidity Falls to 2008 Crisis Levels
​​Mar 11 Financial Wonderland: Reader Questions on Negative Rates and Money Heaven

​Mar 10 Small-Cap Value Stocks Take Express Elevator Back Up
​​Mar 10 The US Dollar, What If Everybody is Wrong?
​​Mar 10 Share buybacks may trigger the next leg down for U.S. stocks
​​Mar 10 Value investing Comeback As Morgan Stanley Says Quant Unwind Unlike 2007

​​Mar 09 What Doesn't Kill Bull Market in S&P 500 May Make It Stronger
​​Mar 09 Earnings Follow Recession, Stock Prices Still On Yellen’s Version
​​Mar 09 Aging bull set to celebrate 7th birthday
Mar 09 Debtor days are over as BIS calls time on world credit binge

​​Mar 08 ​Following Breadth Thrust, Will Stocks Launch Higher – Or Flame Out?
Mar 08 The Rebound in Stocks Won't Last
​​​Mar 08 This bull market gets no respect
​​Mar 08 Analyzing Earnings As Of Q4 2015

​​Mar 07 Revenge Of The Median Stock
​​Mar 07 Margin Debt’s Message For Investors Couldn’t Be More Clear
​​Mar 07 A Continued Undertone of Risk-Aversion
​​Mar 07 Largest Drop in S&P 500 EPS Estimate Over First Two Months of a Quarter since Q1 2009

Mar 03 Large Cap Growth Stocks Recapture “Pivotal” Level
​​Mar 03 Based upon 8th Year pattern, breakeven a key level
​Mar 03 What’s The Right Low Vol ETF For You?
​​Mar 03 These ‘Dividend Aristocrat’ stocks have risen up to 24% a year for a decade

​​​Mar 02 March & April strength usually follows a Down January/Down February
​​Mar 02 Stock Exchange Prices Grow So Convoluted Even Traders Are Confused, Study Finds
​​Mar 02 The Fed could be back in play in 2016
​​Mar 02 The Great Corporate Earnings Fraud

Mar 01 March may be the best chance yet for a stock market rally
​​Mar 01 Is “Most Important Asset” Signaling Major Risk-On Potential?
​Mar 01 The Big Earnings Con
​​Mar 01 Citi: There's Been a Worrisome Change in the Market for New Corporate Debt

​​​Feb 29 The World's Most Popular Stock Picks Are Sinking
​​Feb 29 3 Paths to Outperformance
​Feb 29 Mind The Non-GAAP: Real S&P Earnings Are The Lowest Since 2010

Feb 25 Another Relative Strength Staple Scores An All-Time High
​​Feb 25 Earnings and Revenue Following Economic and Market Accounts
​​Feb 25 Pimco Adviser Sees ‘The Trade of a Decade’ in Emerging Markets
​​Feb 25 Are Canadian Banks the Next Shoe to Drop?
​​Feb 25 OECD's William White: In Terms of Debt, the Situation Is Way Worse than 2007

​Feb 24 Is The Stock Rally Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?
​​Feb 24 Managing Risk vs. Managing Returns
​​Feb 24 Are Junk Bonds Saying Economic Trouble Lies Ahead?
​​Feb 24 People's QE: Central bankers War on Savings

Feb 23 Why this stock-market correction may already be over
​​Feb 23 Relative Strength In This Sector Continues To Pay Dividends
​​Feb 23 Smart Beta ETFs: Creative Destruction in Action
Feb 23 Canada’s banks could be forced to raise equity, cut dividends
            ​if oil prices keep sinking, Moody’s warns

​​​Feb 22 Speculative Half-Cycles Tend To Be Completed Badly
​Feb 22 Typical February Trading Pattern: Mid-Month Bounce Fades into Close
​​Feb 22 Did S&P 500 Companies With Higher Global Exposure
            ​Report Lower Earnings Growth in Q4?

​​Feb 22 US$ and The Global 'Peg Pain Trade'
​​Feb 22 An Inflection Point
​​Feb 22 ‘If the TSE went dark, would it really matter?’:
            ​What the future holds for Canada’s stock exchanges

Feb 18 Can Gold Predict Stock Market Returns?
​​Feb 18 Nikkei Passes 1st Test Of Broken Epic Trendline
​​Feb 18 These Are the Stocks That Are Most Loved and Most Hated By Large Investors
​​Feb 18 World risks being sucked into 'self-fulfilling' spiral, warns Moody's

​Feb 17 Rebound rally may only offer temporary relief
​​Feb 17 Altitude Adjustment: Investing During a Period of Lower Returns and Higher Volatility
​​Feb 17 Dollar Strength Almost Kick-Started Deflation In Other Asset Classes: BAML
​​Feb 17 Never A Good Sign When Central Banks Feel the Need

Feb 16 Big Rallies Are Common In Bear Markets
​​Feb 16 Why Investors Should Think Twice About Quarterly Earnings
​​Feb 16 Dividends, Wall Street’s Battered Status Symbol
​​Feb 16 Deranged Central Bankers Blowing Up The World

Feb 15 As Stocks Gyrate, It’s Time to Measure Your Risk Tolerance
​​Feb 15 Warning with a Capital "W"
Feb 15 What Markets Are Telling Us
​​Feb 15 EM Corporate Debt Is Not A Local Problem
​​Feb 15 Further Analysis of Corporate Bond Market Liquidity

Feb 11 This market is more 2011 than 2008, say analysts,
            ​complete with ‘quite severe’ rolling bear market

​​Feb 11 Euro PIIGS Starting To Squeal Again
​​Feb 11 Will Dividend Stocks Save You In A Bear Market?
​​Feb 11 Why Comparing Dividend Yields To Interest Rates Is A Dumb Idea
​​Feb 11 It Was Never About Oil Part 2; It Was Always Leverage and Volatility

Feb 10 Market “panic” still just a below average correction
​​Feb 10 It Was Never About Oil
​​Feb 10 New SEC Rule Proposals Aimed at ETFs May Chase Investors Into ETNs
​​Feb 10 ‘Flashing warning signs’: Canadian markets bracing for ‘dramatic’ Bank of Canada action
​— and a recession

​Feb 09 This Is What Stocks Do
​​Feb 09 This Chart Shows 'Deteriorating Liquidity'   ​​Is at the Heart of Market Carnage
​​Feb 09 ​Bonds Continue To Flash Warning Signs For Stocks
Feb 09 Credit Markets Continue to Show Signs of Stress - Caution Warranted

​​​Feb 08 When Stocks Crash and Easy Money Doesn't Help
​​Feb 08 Here's the truth about the stock market in 16 charts
​​Feb 08 Mind The Gaps
​​​Feb 08 Share buyback machine remains in overdrive and experts warn it will end badly

​​​Feb 04 Opinion: It’s the earnings, stupid (and they’re going down)
​​Feb 04 Are Passive Investors Taking On Far More Risk Than They Realize?
​​Feb 04 ​Bill Gross sees ‘shades of 2007’ in latest investment outlook
Feb 04 It’s Groundhog Day Again For The Rising Rates Crowd

​​​​Feb 03 Irrational Exuberance in Stock Market Knows No Bounds
​​Feb 03 Don’t Dismiss The Systemic Risk Of A Corporate Credit Bust
​​Feb 03 Citi Asked Its Clients if We're Heading Into a Bear Market,   ​and This Is What They Said
​​Feb 03 The Incredible Growing Dividend

​​​​Feb 02 Fundamentals point to rough year for S&P 500
​​Feb 02 3 Key Lessons for Investors from This Year’s Roller-Coaster Market
​​Feb 02 In volatile markets, look for companies still growing their dividends

​​​Feb 01 The Gas Pedal Is Useless When The Spark Plugs Are Gone
​​Feb 01 ​Despite negative January Barometer, door still open to a positive year
Feb 01 Junk bonds suffer a rare negative return in January--   ​and that’s bad news for stocks


May 01  ​Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation - April

May 01  ​This indicator had a divergence in both 2000 and 2007; a divergence is also present in 2017

May 01   Why Have Bankers Become So Bearish?

​​​​​Apr 24  How The Passive Investing Mania Undermined Its Most Basic Assumption

Apr 24  ​​Performance on Mondays & Fridays Key to Bull Market Survival

Apr 24  ​​Is the US Stock Market at a Major Inflection Point?

Apr 24   Are Bonds Headed Back To Extraordinarily Low Rate Regime?

Apr 17  How Dollar Moves Stocks; More Stockpicker Pain

Apr 17  ​​​Searching for the Market Portfolio

Apr 17  Buy When There's Blood in the Streets? Market Timing with Volatility Triggers

April 10  April Macro Update: Employment Growth Continues to Decelerate

April 10  ​​How Concerning Is The Nasdaq’s Ugly-Looking Reversal?

April 10  Who Carries The Burden of Proof?

April 03  Market Returns Do Not Equal Investment Returns with Leveraged ETFs

April 03  ​​High Number Of Consumers See Stock Rally As Sure Thing

April 03  Ending The Fed’s Drug Problem

March 27  Capturing Mean Reversion Via Momentum

March 27  A Big Tailwind for the Stock Market Has Now Dissipated

March 27 The Inverse of Keynes

March 20  ​Surge in Global Economic Surprises, Business Confidence Continues

March 20  ​​Do smart-beta investment funds work?

March 20  ​​Another Missed Opportunity

March 20  3 Charts That Show Stock Market Euphoria Is Totally Unprecedented

March  6  ​Why Warren Buffett Is So Reluctant To Call Stocks A ‘Bubble’

March  6  Poor Close Ends Record Run For Stocks

March  6  ​​​Positive and Negative Trends in U.S. Dividends

March  6  Bonds See Gloom Where Stocks See Zoom

March  1  Trump’s Mysterious Stock Boom

March  1  ​​Factor zoo or unicorn ranch?

March  1  A Global Eurodollar Shortage

Feb 20  The Reflationary Window: Open How Wide For How Long?

​​​Feb 20  Don’t Bank On This Breakout


Feb 20  For BlackRock, This Is The Red Flag Among Record Low Volatility

Feb 20  Connecting the Dots - 2/16/17
Feb 16  ​Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation - February

Feb 16  The Bull Market No One Believes In

Feb 13  ​Low QQQ Volume a Sign of a Top

Feb 13  Bubbles, Money and the VIX

Feb 13  Investors: Stick With Bonds Now And Forever, Here's Why


Feb 08  ​​Are The World’s Greatest Value Investors Bearish?

Feb 08  The Trump Card

Feb 06  ​Why Stock Market Volatility Isn't Really as Low as It Appears

Feb 06  A-D Line New High

Feb 06  ​​​February Macro Update: Strong Start to 2017
Feb 06  3 Popular Investment Strategies That Will Look Idiotic 30 Years From Now

Feb 01 Stock market: US/stocks the view from 30000 feet

​Feb 01 Big Test For Small Risk-On Leader

Feb 01  ​​​Global Growth Is 'N Sync – All Eyes on Yields

Feb 01  Tim Cook: High IPhone 7 Plus demand helped fuel better-than-expected sales

Jan 30  ​Global stocks breaking decade long resistance

Jan 30  First 100 days of new elected administrations: SP500 slumps in February

Jan 30  ​​​The "IF" Rally May Be Unraveling

Jan 30  A Dubious Monetary Backdrop

Jan 23  Are large cap growth stocks set to surge

Jan 23  MORGAN STANLEY: A 'correlation crash' is happening in the markets

Jan 23  Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation - January

Jan 23  A surging dollar under Trump poses biggest threat to global economy, BlackRock boss warns

Jan 23  Secular Shift in Interest Rates

Jan 18  Trump Will Make Volatility and Uncertainty Great Again
Jan 18  The January Effect: An Evidence-Based Perspective
Jan 18  A Huge Potential Tailwind For Bonds?

Jan 16  ​Looking at the Four "Bull Market Checks": Trend, Momentum, Breadth, and Sentiment

Jan 16  ​​January expiration week turbulent last 18 years

Jan 16  ​​Stocks Are No Longer the Most Actively Traded Securities in Stock Markets

Jan 16  Treasury Bears Beware: Explosive Short-Covering Rally Coming Up

Jan 11  How Did We Get 2016 So Wrong?
Jan 11  Trump rally starting to thin out

Jan 11  Why You Might Want To Prepare Your Portfolio For A Time ‘When Doves Cry’

​​Jan 11  Great Graphic: Real Rates in US are Elevated  

​​​Jan 09  ​Why January is still the most important month

Jan 09  ​​It’s Time to Ignore Advice About Which Stocks to Buy in 2017

Jan 09  ​​Shoo away the black swans with 5 positive potential outcomes that could boost your portfolio

Jan 09  Using The Metal Markets to Forecast The Direction of Interest Rates


Dec 15  ​Forget 20K – THIS Is The Stock Market Level To Watch

Dec 15  ​​US Federal Reserve raises interest rates: what happens next?

Dec 15  What It Means That The Fed Declares That It Is Done

​​​Dec 15  75 charts every Canadian should watch in 2017

​​​Dec 12  Active Managers Move Back ‘All In’ On Stocks

Dec 12  ​​The Trump Train Continues To Roll

Dec 12  ​​The three coolest studies of 2016
Dec 12  How to Play the Trump Stock Market Rally

​Dec 07  Technically Speaking: Will Santa Come To Broad & Wall?

Dec 07  Does This Signal Mean Smooth Sailing For Santa Rally?

Dec 07  ​​​Diversification Is No Fun

Dec 07  The Variable-Rate World Stares Into The Abyss - Again

Dec 05  ​Sell-side share analysis is wrong

Dec 05  ​​Here's How Much Trump Tax Cuts Could Boost The Stock Market

Dec 05  December Macro Update: Employment Growth Is Decelerating

Dec 05  Trump’s Tough Trade Talk Could Damage American Factories

​Dec 01 S&P 500 Index: Rare Bollinger Band Width Worth Monitoring

Dec 01  Is industrial metals surge a sign of growth in economy, markets?
Dec 01  Rising Dollar = Dollar Shortage = Global Liquidity Shortage

​​Dec 01 Should we celebrate rising rates?

​​​​Nov 29  Three Tailwinds Will Buoy Global Stocks in 2017: SocGen

Nov 29 Is Advance Decline Lie Divergence a Big Deal?​​

Nov 29  What Happened To The Earnings Recession? 
Nov 29  20 Canadian stocks set to win from Trump’s ‘good policies’, according to RBC

Nov 28  Value stocks ending 10 year drought vs growth
Nov 28  Overseas cash hoards repatriated under Trump would lead to huge share buybacks: Goldman

Nov 28  Dollar Strength Warrants Caution On U.S. Equities
Nov 28  MSM's Druck'n Suck-In Continues

Nov 23  ​Typically strong December slightly weaker in election years

Nov 23  ​​Did The 'Trump Tantrum' Just Trigger The Next Us Recession?

Nov 23  ​​Swedroe: The Perils Of Bargain Hunting

Nov 23  Rising rates (really) reaching resistance?
Nov 22  ​Does likely 2nd fed rate hike mean return to normal?

Nov 22  ​​Do Larger Budget Deficits Stimulate Spending? Depends on Where the Funding Comes From

Nov 22  ​​The Dollar Is Rising

Nov 22  Haven’t We Done This Before?

Nov 21  Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation - November

Nov 21  ​​Small Caps Impulse Into a New All-Time High

Nov 21  ​​​Traders Getting A Little Too Comfortable in Stocks?

Nov 21  As Exciting as the 1930s

Nov 17  ​Study: Trump and the Presidential Cycle

Nov 17  Stock Market is Destined to Soar Higher: Masses are Not Bullish, and $50 Trillion is Titting on the Sidelines
Nov 17  What an iPhone could cost in Trump’s America
Nov 17 When CIP Meets The Dollar Shortage; Some Economists Start To ‘Get It’      

Nov 16  ​Even when DJIA s daily winning streak ends, Further gians likely

Nov 16  ​​Titanic Syndrome

Nov 16  Why Bond Markets Hate Donald Trump

Nov 16  ​​​Demographics: The Boomers Have Already Been Overtaken By The Millennials

Nov 14  ​The Market, Under a New President

Nov 14  Is abundance of new highs and new lows a bad omen?
Nov 14  EVA’s way: A different, systematic take on analyzing stocks
Nov 14  When Borders Close

Nov 10  ​The Junkie Market is Back (Lots of  Highs & Lows)

Nov 10  ​​The Market Is Betting Trump Will Bring Higher Inflation and Interest Rates

Nov 10  Bill Gross: Trump Victory Won't Lead to More Economic Growth

Nov 10  ​​​China Update

Nov 07  ​Why Investors Must Be Contrarians to Outperform The Market

Nov 07  ​​History Tells Us Polls And Anticipated Market Reactions Can Be Way, Way Off

Nov 07  November Macro Update: Wage Growth Accelerates, But Some Signs of Weakness Creeping In
Nov 07  Obama’s Successor Inherits Bond Market at Epic Turning Point

Nov 03  ​To Everything There's a Season: Passive v. Active

Nov 03  ​The Global Bond Bubble Is Ready to Burst
Nov 03  It Was Not Temporary And It Does Matter
Nov 03  Rising Rates Reaching Resistance?

Nov 02  ​Investors over-prepared for election volatility

Nov 02  ​​Is Skill Still Relevant in the Era of the Indexes?

Nov 02  ​The Fed Began Tightening Policy in October and No One Knew It, Maybe Not Even the Fed

Nov 02  ​​Banks Are Hoarding $2.4 Trillion of Bonds

​​Nov 02  Economic stress as world runs out of dollars

Nov 01  ​A Tale Of Two Very Different Markets

Nov 01  ​​Earnings Fairytale Has an Unhappy Ending

Nov 01 Can Key Level Stop The Bleeding In Health Care Stocks?
Nov 01  What Happens to the Markets if Donald Trump Wins?

Oct 31  ​​Balanced Investors Stuck Between A Rock & A Hard Place

Oct 31  ​​Stocks Need Catalyst For A Breakout

Oct 31  ​​Far Beyond Double

Oct 31  ​​Shift From Active to Passive Investing Isn’t What It Seems

Oct 31 Has US Debt Reached A Tipping Point?

Oct 27  ​Small Stocks Threaten Breakdown – Can They Hang On?

Oct 27  ​​Is the Fed Fix in for the Election?

Oct 27  ​​China capital flight flashes warning as authorities forced to prick property bubble

​Oct 27  ​With QE Near Dead, It’s More And More Pretzel Time

Oct 26  Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation - October
Oct 26 ​Are Japanese Equities Ready To Rise Again

Oct 26​​ End Of The Bond Bull – Better Hope Not

Oct 26 Why Aren’t Global Markets Freaking Out Over China’s Currency?

Oct 25 Last five trading days of Election Year October’s modestly bullish
Oct 25 The Undercurrent of Currency Issues
Oct 25 Canada’s record household debt is threatening its financial stability, global bankers fear

Oct 24  ​Trillion-Dollar Payout May Mean Peak Largesse for U.S. Investors

Oct 24  ​​S&P 500 on track to complete 3-month losing streak

Oct 24  ​​Remembering The Impetus Of “Irrational Exuberance” As We Approach Its 20th Anniversary

Oct 24  ​TED’s At Wich

​​​Oct 11  ​Spotless Indicator Signaling “BTD”?…Or Has Its Luck Run Out

Oct 11  ​​October Macro Update: Solid Wage Growth But Housing Construction Flattening

Oct 11  Bubble Blind Central Bankers

Oct 11  Is the Bond Market in a Bubble?

Oct 06  ​Regardless of election outcome, S&P 500 advances 72.2% of the time

Oct 06  ​​They All Have One Thing In Common

Oct 06  Doubling Down
Oct 06  Low Growth, Inflation Hamper Debt Reduction
Oct 06  World Gone Mad, Part 1: 'Huge Demand' To Lend Italy Money For 50 Years

Oct 05  ​Tactical Asset Allocation Alpha and The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled

Oct 05  ​​S&P 500 deviates from incumbent party victory pattern

Oct 05  ​​The End of Dollar Dominance?

Oct 05 ​​IMF Finally Kills The Recovery (Narrative)