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The CNBC Experiment: Technical Analysts VS Fundamentalists ?
September 8 ( From MarketWatch, Avramov-Kaplanski-Levy research  )
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​​​​A very interesting new study about evaluating the Forecasts of
Technical Analysts and Fundamentalists on price performance
​bring a very surprising unexpected result: Technical wins and by far!​​

​​The research is based on stock-picking made on “Talking Numbers,”
​a CNBC and Yahoo joint broadcast between from November 2011 to
​December 2014. So all are professionals in finance on that show...

Results are to say the least, astonishing: ( See Chart Below )
( ​average buy recommendation over the subsequent nine months  )
- ​From Technicians: outperforms the broad stock market by 8%,
​​​- From Fundamentalists: underperforms the market.

Other interesting conclusions about that Research:
Technical analysis outperforms on 2 factors:
   - it generates a higher proportion of correct recommendations
   - technical recommendations record higher gains

​But Techncical Analysts face some challenges when they make recommendations on market indexes,
Treasuries, commodities, and various equity indexes; they do as poorly as Fundamentalists. SO Technical Analysts strenght is by ​​predicting individual stocks only...
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